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Feb 1, 2012

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Coatesville, PA

Coatesville: Time to run the thug life renters out of the...

I agree generally with you, Ken, but my reasons are different. Coatesville is the only CITY in Chester County and for good reason. It has a once proud history. Once Coatesville was a booming little steel city and all the towns around it were ITS feeders...Thorndal e, Downingtown, Exton, etc. And the factory spawned all these little ugly worker's homes all around it so the workers could have cheap housing. You see it in mill towns all across the Rust Belt, Manchester NH to Detroit. But then the steel bust came and there were no more workers and the town fathers DID NOT GET IT. What is the best way to keep a bad element from destroying your nice little town while you are waiting for a resurgance? Buy up the old rundown workers shacks and tear them all down! Make them into parks, or just hold the land. Then you don't find yourself pandering to and policing a bunch of low class do nothings who only keep your once fine old town from beginning to grow again. I have friends who work servicing the steel mill and they tell me that it IS very busy over there again. I can hear the loudspeakers and the trains queing up to take our product away to farflung ports of call 24 hours a day and it makes me PROUD to be a small business owner in Coatesville, PA, that is until I drive through town and see the riff raff loitering from one end of town to the other when proper folk are out working and earning a living. THEY JUST DON'T FIT THE IMAGE WE NEED TO PORTRAY! THE ONCE AND FUTURE CITY OF PROSPERITY. Well Ken, whoever you are, you and I both know you can't really "run them out". but there are ways to incent them to leave so we can take our CITY BACK once and for all! And as they leave we need to find ways to replace the verminous shacks they leave behind with beautiful new homes and offices and shops. Much of what is there now can be saved, gentrified, etc...but the rest neeeds to go. True City Planning and carefully thought out new zoning and related laws and codes and incentives to build can all help. It's what America is all about. You get kicked in the butt and you get up, dust yourself off and start all over again  (Feb 1, 2012 | post #53)