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Apr 16, 2007

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I know that many atheists are hesitant to Join or participate in an Organization but we must consider that our voice will be much harder to ignore if we all stand up and speak together. I am not asking you to do anything or donate any money, just to share your thoughts and opinions. We would also be joining other groups around the state to give us more of a voice in state and national government. If you know other atheists let them know about this. We all live our daily lives among people that think differently than we do, I think that speaking to other locals with respect for critical thought and reason could make all of us feel a lot more comfortable living where we do. We live in a City thats name translates to "the body of Christ", in an area thick with religion and mysticism. I know it won't be easy but I do feel it is important for us, as non theists, to have more of a voice. Also, if you get a chance I would suggest you take a look at http://www.atheist it is a very informative website. If anyone is interested in this idea please contact me at [email protected] om Or post here.  (Apr 16, 2007 | post #1)