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Oct 12, 2011

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Monroe, LA

Marijuana - Monroe, LA

Its a plant. Tax it. All I know when it does become legal. Which it will. Gov gonna tax the shit out of it.  (Oct 14, 2011 | post #6)

Monroe, LA

OCC inmate's death a suspected suicide

The garbage bag was to cover the wheelchair so I could shower. I do believe if someone breaks the law they shoud pay for the crime. I saw Mrs Kirby ROR(let go free no bond) a girl for Distrubution of SCH III this month. $12,500 dollar bond. And this was all after numerous FTA's (failure to apper). This person sold narcotics, got arrested. Got RORed, then was on the run since the warrant was issued in early January. Got arrested 10 month. Wasn't in Jail for one night and was RORed again. Clearly a flight risk. That's monroe for you. Money talks and bs walks. And it must be nice to have Mrs Kirby in your pocket. CROOKED OR JUST A SNITCH  (Oct 14, 2011 | post #6)

Monroe, LA

OCC inmate's death a suspected suicide

You people make me sick. I almost died in occ from lack of care and was in conway prison unit in acomma for 4 days. Not to meation I am wheelchair bound. Occ gave me a garbage bag as a proper way for me to cover my 6000 dollar wheelchair. All over an open container. Its cruel and unusual punisment to house people that they def have the lack of resources to care for properly. While in occ in 2007 the people of ouacihta parish were told the jail was over crowded. They didn't meantion they emptied over an 100 population dorm. Putting trusties in tents to apper over crowded. While they were awarded millions in tax money. Royce toney you are a crook. You break every law yet are untouchable. My user name speaks for itself.  (Oct 12, 2011 | post #5)