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Jul 24, 2010

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Dayton, OH

What do we do about the poor?

Boy O Boy, trot out the Bible Thumpers and start quoting scripture. Whether you understand the meaning or not. I'm betting God didn't say, "I will create man to sit on his own azz and do nothing and his neighbor will take care of him, though he be able bodied and prefer azz sitting to work". This isn't the Garden of Eden, this is the Miami Valley and as for the POOR? Show why you can't work before we start giving you Welfare of SSI. Have some sort of plan. It's not supposed to be cradle to grave insurance, it's a hand up till you get on your own and get "YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER". Anyone receiving government handouts should be subject to random drug testing. You don't pass, you don't get the check. We all know how smoothly the folks at WELFARE work, so by the time you PASS a drug test weeks may go by before you get your benefits re-established. Besides only a small portion of the world is Christian.  (Aug 8, 2010 | post #10)

Dayton, OH

A deserved respect

If you want to stay in Politics, you better be on the right side of things this election. If not, you will be swept away by the furious Republican current. We're going to ride it all the way to the White House because Obama isn't even trying for a 2nd term. He will have the distinction of being the very first OFF WHITE PRESIDENT in our history. That's it. He's screwed up everything else he's touched.  (Aug 8, 2010 | post #2)

Dayton, OH

What's the difference between a Democrat and a Union Worker?

Both want as much as they can get for as little work as possible. Both need to be "taken care of" 'cause they miss their MOMMY. Democrats love WELFARE and ANY GIVE AWAY PROGRAMS THAT THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON. Union Workers want to do damn near nothing, get bonuses and raises guaranteed. You can't kick a Welfare Slacker (democrat) of the Welfare Rolls any easier than you can get them to work. They will also need food stamps and free housing, and now FREE CELL PHONES. I am sure you all have your personal favorites.  (Aug 8, 2010 | post #1)

Dayton, OH

Obama's approval rating 28%

I must agree. Nearly every member of any UNION was/is a Democrat. Look what the UNIONS have done for the automobile industry in the United States!!!!!!!!!!!! !! Why if MR. UNION himself didn't decide they were "TOO BIG TO FAIL" 2 of the big 3 would be out of business. Business arbors a vacuum, the loss of Chrysler and GM would have opened doors for other automobile manufactures and if you can't compete, you loose. Life is hard, start likin' it!!! ObamaRamaLamaDingD ong hasn't done a thing for me other than shrink my paycheck, and made sure my Health Care Benefits will be renegotiated in 2011.  (Aug 8, 2010 | post #79)

Dayton, OH

I don't have time to reply to this bullchit

You should never argue with a pig. You will both wind up rolling in the mud, and THE PIG LIKES IT!!!!!!!!  (Aug 8, 2010 | post #3)

Dayton, OH

levy time, levy time!!!!!!

Dayton’s school treasurer says the district could face a state takover within two years. A Daily News examination found more than $87 million in unpaid property taxes were owed in Montgomery County at the end of June. About $59 million — two thirds of all the delinquent taxes owed in the county — were on real estate in the Dayton Public Schools district. In addition to the schools, those delinquencies hit a broad spectrum of local governments, libraries and countywide agencies. The Human Services Levy and Sinclair Community College are among those feeling the pinch. But the lost tax revenue is most noticeable in the Dayton school district, where property taxes make up nearly half the district’s general fund revenue. Almost unbelievably, DPS receives less property tax revenue now than it did before its 4.9-mill operating levy passed in November 2008. The district lost about $19 million from unpaid taxes last year, and district treasurer Stan Lucas expects that figure to rise to more than $20 million this year. Unless the outlook improves, Lucas warned that Dayton could join the nine other Ohio school districts currently in fiscal emergency, a designation that would lead to steep cuts in non-mandatory educational programs and put popular programs such as the Stivers School for the Arts at risk. The Jefferson Twp. Local School District is already in fiscal emergency, which occurs when an operating deficit exceeds 15 percent of a school district’s general fund revenue. DPS expects to have to make another $12 million to $15 million budget cuts next year, which comes on top of the $39 million that’s been cut since 2008, Lucas said. Some 600 staff members were let go, and another 100 could be gone by next year. “I have never seen anything like this,” Lucas said. “There will soon be a moment we are at an absolute impasse — where we can’t cut any more. I can get us through this year, that’s all I can say right now.” By Lucas Sullivan and Ken McCall, Staff Writers Updated 12:46 AM Sunday, August 8, 2010  (Aug 8, 2010 | post #1)

Dayton, OH

Obama's approval rating 28%

No doubt about it. The REPUBLICANS have one thing going for them that can not be overcome with attack ads, and all the bluster in the world. THEY AIN'T DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!  (Aug 8, 2010 | post #77)

Dayton, OH

I just bet they need to pass a LEVY!!!!!

I saw no direct impact of the State taking over Springfield City Schools. So I figure the State can take over ALL THE SCHOOLS. All I need to change my mind is one friggin' TEACHER to come out and PROCLAIM:::::::::: :: THE WAY WE FUND THE SCHOOLS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! !!!!!! I think it will get very cold in Hell first. I got your Levy....right here!!!  (Aug 8, 2010 | post #2)

Dayton, OH

Trammel back in black and white.

And I wonder what Rhine is doing these days? Trammell still wants to be the face of Black Leadership in Ohio. Judging by his actions in Dayton, I guess he may be the man for the job. But is he really the best man for the job?  (Aug 8, 2010 | post #2)

Dayton, OH

Our inexperienced President

Barry Obama is so very lucky. Indeed the country was tired of George W. Bush, and felt "anyone" would be better. Now even his own party knows that isn't true. Barry has no experience and it shows. Running a country is not the same as running a store front. November will show how unhappy America is.  (Aug 7, 2010 | post #11)

Dayton, OH

Levy-packed November, the budgets are tight!!!

MONTGOMERY COUNTY HUMAN SERVICES?? 6.03 Mills Oakwood Schools?? 5.75 Mills Beavercreek Schools 11 Mills Xenia Schools 11.4 Mills Hey, pretty soon this may just get desperate enough to get the TEACHERS to petition the State of Ohio for a better way of funding......ya' think? Could it happen? Well it seems like every day on the LOCAL NEWS one of the fine TEACHERS in the Dayton School System is busted of "inappropriat e behavior" or "Pedophilia " or some other interesting way they are "Doing It For The Kids". Yeah, they are "DOING IT TOO THE KIDS". The Dayton Schools can't be saved. The amount they spend per pupil now is higher than the vast majority of other schools of the same size. More money won't fix it. Unless THE TEACHER'S UNION IS LOOKING FOR A SLUSH FUND to bail out teachers who just can't seem to behave around children. TEACHERS aren't like they were when I went to school, or probably you either. Teachers actually gave a hoot about the kids...but that was a time when SEMI TRUCK DRIVERS WERE BEING CALLED THE "KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD".. You don't hear that much anymore. Where will the money come from??????? Well there are 18,000 properties in Montgomery Country that owe taxes. I'll let you know in advance. The State of Ohio can do a better job, Strickland said it, and I believed him. Then he forgot. I remembered though..... I'm voting against any Levy I can. Somebody has to FEEL THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!  (Aug 6, 2010 | post #1)

Dayton, OH

Republicans want to return to 68!

Show up at any Emergency Room and tell 'em you have that new Obama Health Plan. That's just gonna be fun for everyone. Anybody get their enrollment package yet?  (Aug 6, 2010 | post #22)

Dayton, OH

Republicans want to return to 68!

Sadly it doesn't change the facts. Look at the crime in Dayton, the murders are mostly "Black on Black" and gangs of Mexicans without work don't bother you? Ya' know the Mayor's of Dayton never take these "walks" in the High Crime Neighborhoods at midnight with just 4 or 5 folks and no Cameras. The view through the lens would be quite different. Dayton has become such a cesspool that Oakwood Property Values are falling and their is quite an Exodus to "GET THE HECK OUT" while the homes are still worth something. Give it 5 years and see just how "Upper Class" Oakwood is. It's viral and Dayton is spreading and the jobs are gone.  (Aug 6, 2010 | post #19)

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