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Jul 6, 2008

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Donna D'Errico

Donna D'Errico is one proud mom

Hi Nettiebelle I'm running Donna's fan site & myspace profile (not her official one, but a fan one) and am so happy to see you posting to support her! She is an amazing person, very sweet, genuine and close to her fans. It sounds like you know her, too, so you must understand what I'm talking about. :) Many people still think of her as being a Playmate or a Baywatch babe with no talent. When watching her new movies, you can definitely see how much her acting talent has improved. She is excellent!! She's definitely a role model to plenty of women. She's a great Mom and her kids are the cutest kids ever! Every fans of hers love the way she talks about them. In fact she just talks like every mothers on this planet, telling all what she does with her kids and how she educates them. They both seem to get the perfect education thanks to her, b/c they really seem to be polite, intelligent and sweet! :) I really hope for Donna to have a great acting career because she definitely deserves it! Thanks to Mary McGuckian, she now can show the whole world what she's capable of doing as an actress. :) I will always support her in everything she does! I'm also looking forward to reading her books. Do you know that we had started a petition YEARS ago to ask her to write a biography? It took us a long time until she finally agreed to write it! :) We are very impatient to read it!! :) Congrats to Donna on all the positive things going on in her life right now. And Nettiebelle, how wonderful it is to see someone like you! :)  (Jul 6, 2008 | post #2)