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Apr 7, 2012


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Marysville, CA

catalytic converter security cage

---------DO'S AND DON'T CATALYTIC CONVERTER SECURITY--------- don't weld steel rods to the converter or pipes---if this is done the steel will weaken and create holes in the pipes and converter........d on't weld steel rods from the frame to the converter or pipes---this will make the exhaust system rigid and not move---all exhaust systems have rubber mounts to absorb vibrations.......d on't add weight to the exhaust system over time this will cause cracks in the flanges and mounts will wear out sooner.......under body shielding is bolted on--any thing bolted on can be unbolted---everybo dy has tools........what i look at every truck will need repairs--how long will it take to remove and reinstall any security device and how much extra you will be charged ????????????  (Jun 8, 2012 | post #1)