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Sep 29, 2011

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North Carolina Government


Why Titan needs to be sent back to Greece 1- Would rather pay fines than comply with rules and regulations. 2- Would rather lobby Congress to reduce pollution standards, instead of using this money to make existing plants less polluting. 3- File lawsuits against U.S. Citizens that dare to oppose them in public forums. 4- File lawsuits to slow down required compliance, thus being allowed to continue to pollute, while a lawsuit that can not be won, clogs up the court systems, as a stalling tactic. 5- Lobbied the NC House to get a waiver on the requirement that new towns wait 5 years before having their own zoning boards. This was tried on the bill for the vote on Castle Hayne becoming a town. I wonder if Titan was behind this whole rushed vote on Castle Hayne becoming a town, maybe trying to buy a town? 6- Real possibility of wells going dry in the Castle Hayne area once Titan starts their massive operation, I guess the homeowners will have to be burdened with the cost of new wells, thus being forced to subsidize a foreign corporation. 7- Uses coal instead of less polluting natural gas to fire their plants. 8- Will not give an exact number of jobs or pay scales that will be available to people in the Castle Hayne and surrounding area. If this is one of the reasons Titan is using to gain support for their proposed new plant, why is the number of jobs such a secret? 9- Have used subterfuge with name changes and green buttons supporting this plant to try and cause confusion and the illusion of being concerned with the environment. Why not use this money to really upgrade your plants, so they would be a cleaner neighbor? 10- Coal is not clean! The coal industry has started this clean coal campaign, it might be clean when compared to a hog lagoon, but not much else. Black lung disease has killed many coal miners, and this is just from the dust from mining it, consider burning it and sending it into the sky so everyone for miles around get to breathe it, and this proposed plant cares about the environment and the people that live around it? 11- The proposed plant will be located in the 2nd most polluted county (New Hanover) in N.C., and next to an already polluted river (the northeast cape fear). Even if Titan followed all rules and regulations, which past history proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they won't, new pollution will be added to an already polluted area. It is well past time to start cleaning up, NOT ADDING! This alone, is reason enough to not allow this plant. 12- Titan uses any means necessary to get what it wants, and could care less about the aftermath of what it does. Our country does not need any more pollution from foreign corporations, anyone remember BP and the Gulf of Mexico? And no, Titan is not BP, but it is a foreign corporation that cares about nothing but maximum profit, and why not? When they are done, they can go back to Greece, and leave the mess for us to deal with. 13- This proposed plant, if allowed to open, is going to be close to 5 schools, 2 which are elementary. Even in today's society, if profit and greed trump the environment and health of adults, has it become so bad that the safety of children is not an issue? Here again, on it's own, is a reason this plant should not be allowed to open. 14- Titan also turned down incentives that they once said were necessary for them to come here, once they found out extra environmental safe guards would be required. If they care about the environment and the people that live around their plants, why is this a concern?  (Nov 25, 2011 | post #1)

Top Stories - Nba

NBA lockout: There must be a 2011-12 season

I hope the whole season is cancelled. College ball is alot better anyway. I can't understand what is wrong with a 50-50 split? Greed abounds on both sides. How about this: A 50-50 split of funds, and a 50% ticket reduction, so both sides could do something nice for somebody other than their greedy, self centered selves. It would be nice if nobody showed up when they start back, and not buy any "NBA STUFF" either. This will not happen, but it would be nice if it did. People in this country are down and out, are willing to work, but work is hard to find, and these people (owners and players) are complaining that the MILLIONS they have are not enough, THEY NEED MORE? Get a grip, and get real. It is really hard to feel sorry for either side on this one.  (Nov 21, 2011 | post #1)

North Carolina Government

Donald Duck for Mayor of Castle Hayne

This is to announce that Donald Duck is now a write-in canidate for mayor of Castle Hayne in the November 8th election. This is not a joke, but I do consider this special election to vote on Castle Hayne becoming a town to be a joke with no humor. Why was this issue rushed and why a special election? North Carolina has one of the, if not the highest gas taxes in the entire country. The Governor has diverted money from the Education Lottery to fund other projects in the state, and we hear about school systems in a bind, but there is money for a special election. Whose back is getting scratched on this one? AND WHY?? No matter how large or small the amount of money this is, put it back in the education fund. This election could have been added to the national election 1 year from now. So I ask one time, what is the rush? Castle Hayne was not even in Wilmington's 20 year annex plan, but people were told we were in danger of being annexed very soon to get the signitures on the petition to ask for this vote. Now that this has been proven to be a lie, some of the canidates for city council are saying we still need to become a town because the city and county might consolidate. A check with the city managers office found this has not even been discussed in 10 years, with no discussions now. If the county did consolidate, it would be by vote, and if Castle Hayne was a town when this happened, it would not save the citizens of Castle Hayne from county taxes. Also, the town of Castle Hayne would then be required to furnish all services except Social Services and Court Room Services. This would make the tax rate for the town of Castle Hayne even more than Wilmington does now. The league of women voters was willing to put on a neutral forum, and only 3 accepted. The reason they are not willing to speak is because they do not have the answers to anything that matters. How about a business plan that will prove what this will cost? How many people will be employed by the town of Castle Hayne? How much will they be paid? What will their benefit packages cost? How many taxpayer dollars will be spent on "field trips" by town employees including hotel, meals (Hardees or 100.00+ Steak Dinners), and mileage? This whole election is about nothing but a few people wanting titles and power. They want you to pay for it with nothing in it for you but NEW TAXES! VOTE AGAINST THIS and VOTE FOR DONALD DUCK AS A WRITE IN.  (Oct 13, 2011 | post #1)

North Carolina Government


To the State and New Hanover County governments, tell Titan No! Titan uses our court systems to sue U.S. citizens, delay having to do anything they are against, lobby Washington to reduce pollution standards. They are a profit at any cost company, and why not, when they are done, they take their profits, go back to Greece, and leave the mess for us to deal with. New Hanover County does not need, or can it stand any more pollution. SEND TITAN BACK TO GREECE, NO FURTHER POLLUTION BY FOREIGN COMPANIES NEEDS TO BE TOLERATED BY THE USA!!!!!  (Oct 12, 2011 | post #1)

North Carolina Government

Titan go away

The proposed site for Titans new plant is New Hanover County. New Hanover County was just informed by the State of North Carolina that it is the 2nd most polluted county in the state! Most of the people I know that support Titan do so because of badly needed jobs. What Jobs? Titan will not tell exactly how many jobs will go to people not currently employed by Titan. No actual pay scale either. They do have other plants up and running, so I believe this information should be available. I have my doubts there will be very many decent paying jobs for new employees, and even if there were, the cost is way too great. Even if Titan was willing to do everything possible to prevent any pollution, which their past history proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they won't, there will be more pollution added to New Hanover County. I know just about everyone wants to be number one, but number one in pollution is not a goal I wish to go after.  (Oct 12, 2011 | post #1)

North Carolina Government

What good is our state house and senate????????

It seems our country, the good old USA, was overthrown, and we were not even told. It seems that a foreign corporation, Titan, is now in charge. How else would you explain Titan thinking they could sue 2 citizens of this country for speaking out against them? And the law firm Williams Mullen bringing this suit? Google the Williams Mullen law firm to see what they have been up to lately, and you will understand why Titan would choose them. Why should David Hill and Kayne Darrell even have to bother with this joke of a lawsuit brought against them by a foreign company? Since it is painfully clear our elected officals have dropped the ball one more time, Refuse to do business with the Williams Mullen law firm, and anyone that does business with them. The local attorney handling this for Titan is Gilbert C. Laite III. Boycot him also. If this makes life tough for him, he can always move to Greece, since he clearly cares for Greece's corporations more than the citizens of his own country. To the State and local governments, Please do whats right, Squash this unjust lawsuit, fine or better yet disbar the attorneys who filed it, and let Titan know that this will not be allowed any more. If there ever was a doubt, this should tell everyone loud and clear that Titan should be sent packing.  (Oct 12, 2011 | post #1)

Wilmington, NC

Marijuana - Wilmington, NC

Free up the courts, add much needed money to the country, keep the money here instead of sending it to the drug empires.  (Sep 29, 2011 | post #34)

Castle Hayne, NC

Castle Hayne becoming a town

How many people want their taxes increased? How many people have been told that if Castle Hayne becomes a town, their county taxes will go down? THE COUNTY TAXES WILL NOT GO DOWN! How many people have listened to the wannabe future mayor talk about Castle Hayne determining it's own destiny? AT WHAT COST? The people behind this incorporation are in it for themselves, and expect everyone else to pay for their wants and desires. They already tried to get a waiver to bypass the 5 year wait for a new town to form a zoning board. This alone should tell everyone what their real motives are. The country is in a mess, money is tight, and Tom Radewicz wants you to sign up to form another layer of government, put him in charge, and charge you NEW TAXES to pay for him sticking his nose in your business! All of government needs to downsize, not add extra layers. IF you agree with me or not, PLEASE demand that Radewicz and all the town council candiates face the public in an open forum, and answer questions under oath.  (Sep 29, 2011 | post #1)