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Jan 25, 2012

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Akron, OH

do you have a phobia of a specific food?

Do you CRAVE something strange that you MUST eat on a daily basis? Do you have a PHOBIA of a specific food? Do you COLLECT mass amounts of something edible? Do friends and family QUESTION your relationship with food and how it's affecting your life? 20 West Productions and a Major Cable Network are looking for outgoing personalities, who happen to have an atypical relationship with food and aren't afraid to admit it. Whether you binge on a certain food when your stress level is high, you obsessively collect bottles of ketchup, or you can't be in the same room as seafood, this new show can help you overcome your toughest food fear or help you face your food habit head on. This documentary program will help figure out why this situation is happening and will find out how it's affecting your life...and attempt to help. No problem is too big and no problem is too small. We are here to help. Please email 20westcastingteam@ with the following: Name Age Current City Phone Number Email Address Tell Us About You Tell Us About Your Interesting Food Relationship Please also attach three to five candid pictures. This is time-sensitive so please submit as soon as possible. All stories and personal information will be kept confidential.  (May 3, 2012 | post #1)