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Dec 20, 2006

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Mental Health Bill to Face House Vote

You would not take it lightly if you had a medical problem but could not get your medication because it is classified as a "psychotropic medication" and falls under "mental illness" because the condition happens to affect your brain instead of your heart or pancreas. An enzyme pump is the same creature, in the pancreas (diabetic); adrenal cortex (Parkinsons, High Blood Pressure, Dwarfism, Epilepsy) or Seritonin (Depression, Bi-polar), why are the rules for seeing a Doctor, getting treatment to get better, and getting back to work and off disability so much different?  (Dec 28, 2006 | post #2)

Hutchinson, KS

Living in kansas

I rest my case, as the points I made have been proven here for me, without assistance from anyone. 1. Lack of motivation by youth to exercise right of free and equal education 2. Lack of moral fiber, respect, etiquette, in general youth population 3. General malaise and/or discontent among majority (not entirety) of residents 4. Lack of services, contemporary egalitarian ideals, and protection of individual rights For those reading the last two pages of posts, you now have a clear view of the attitudes, residents and behavior you would meet and cohabitate with, in the grand state of Kansas, home of Carrie Nations and her "axnation ".  (Dec 28, 2006 | post #180)

US News

Remains Of Missing 11-Year-Old Girl Found

Being familiar with the communities involved, I can tell you, everyone KNOWS the perp, the cops must not have what they need to make the case stick. An area this small, with the history of several cases each August, 1999; August, 2001; and now August, can bet they have an excellent profile and suspect under watch. It is only a matter of time before the suspect will not be able to control his urges, perhaps next August, while the detectives capitalize on the new evidence and his mistakes to make their case now. If it were as simple as parental abuse, the prior cases and this one would already be closed, this is a serial killer with a mental complex.  (Dec 28, 2006 | post #4)

Hutchinson, KS

Living in kansas

PBI, I apologize if you and any other, feel I was ridiculing you, this was not my intention. I was instead, expressing sadness at the advantages this individual is missing by not making use of the education available, by choice, and the factors prompting that choice. California? I heartily agree, not a prime location for a home. I lived in a small apartment on David Avenue in Monterey, not far from Seven Mile Drive. Beautiful but cold in more than the weather. Kansas has the potential of Eden, as I stated, it takes only a small amount of appreciation for what already is, and forethought to preserve it. There is enough waste and want in the world without watching it allowed to deliberately run riot in your own town by the very policitians elected to act in the best interest of all, while acting in best interest of their own financial interest rates.  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #135)

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doing all that we can to improve our world, regardless of our personal benefit. The golden rule does not always apply, others are not always in a position to do for us, we should not slight doing for others in this light. It is our responsibility to act for this young, innocent and helpless, child, animal, or invalid, it is our duty to defend those not capable of defending theirselves.