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Nov 24, 2012

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Brandon, FL

Are there any business minded women who enjoy racing cars...

Am currently screening out and looking for a professional female that might be interested in my easy online business venture that involves driving cars, going to the Bradenton Motorsports drag strip and whatever other simple ideas involving making simple videos of a woman who is into cars or racing cars media blog Idea. I've run a couple media blogs and video sites like youtube clone sites in the past and I have done very well up until a couple months ago. I ended up busy with my other business and had to shut it down but now I have a few extra days a week to put into this idea I have and if done right profit could be seen within 2 weeks. I do have documentation to show very nice income from my previous venture and I worked a couple days a month filming videos of simple stuff. I can prove that my idea is a guaranteed money maker by showing examples of website traffic and youtube videos. I would like to start up a new site I have the servers and the skills to do the internet end it is going to be a very simple car video media blog of a female who is into cars racing etc has some business skills and maybe some kind of acting experience willing to think outside of the box with some creativity and a few days a week free time to get things going. If there is any business minded female who enjoys racing cars and talking car talk Please get with me. I just recently moved back here and do not have any good contacts at the moment but this idea is full proof !  (Nov 24, 2012 | post #1)