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Oct 1, 2012

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Bradley Associates Madrid Local and International News Bu...

Just dont ever recylce pws and change them every couple of weeks at least and u should be fine.  (Dec 23, 2014 | post #3)

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bradley associates hong kong news warning

Source: http://news.goldse 73029320.php Aeschylus stated, “In war, truth is the first casualty.” The Third World War has clearly already begun, as it is a war being waged by the global shadow banking system against all of humanity. Just because the war is not an overt military theater operation (though there are plenty of these as well in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and in the likely future, Iran, just to name a few) does not mean that a shadow war is not taking place right now against the freedoms and economic rights of all of humanity. At their heart, all wars ultimately are about money. In order for the banking elite to keep their monopolistic control over the global monetary system, they consequently wage war against the liberties of humanity. The real goals of the bogus War on Drugs and the equally bogus War on Terror are to enrich the people that started these wars. That’s it. Though it’s incredibly simple, it still seems to be too complex an idea for most to grasp. There are no further humanitarian or benevolent goals to these false wars. If there were truly a “real” War on Drugs and a “real” War on Terror, then British run and controlled HSBC would have already been shut down for laundering billions of dirty money for the most violent drug cartel in the world, the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel, and contributing to the slaughter of an estimated 20,000 people a year. However, the aim of the War on Drugs is not to end drug trafficking but rather for those waging this false war to profit from its continuation. Likewise, the aim of the War on Terror is not to end terrorism but rather to profit from its continuation. If you doubt these statements, merely study the Prohibition era in the United States during the 1920s. Did gangsters, politicians, and police illicitly earn enormous sums of money during the period when alcohol was “illegal” or did they earn their huge amounts of profits after alcohol was legalized again? Today, the answer to this question remains the same and that is why these so-called wars are stretched into perpetuity. Bankers and politicians benefit the most from the War on Drugs and would not be able to reap their massive profits if the most heavily trafficked illegal drugs were legalized. Thus, when one nation declares war on another nation to gain access to (and control over) their resources, this act is truly no different than one drug dealer that murders another drug dealer to gain control of the opposition drug dealer’s territory in order to expand the size of his distribution network. In the end, either these wars involve a bigger bully gangster killing another less formidable gangster, or it is about one gangster killing off innocents to expand his empire and riches. More: http://bradleyhong tag/bradley-associ ates-hongkong/  (Jul 5, 2013 | post #1)

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Vous avez tous entendu beaucoup parler sécheresse dévastatrice cette année dans le Midwest, droite ? Le ministère de l'Agriculture des États-Unis a annoncé vendredi dernier que le champ de maïs U.S. moyenne cette année donnera moins l'acre, qu'il l'a depuis 1995. Les rendements du soya sont trop bas. Ainsi, on pourrait croire que les agriculteurs qui cultivent ces cultures doivent être vraiment mal. Et c'est certainement l'impression que vous obtenez de médias. Nick Guetterman, président de la Johnson County Farm Bureau dans l'est du Kansas, raconte le New York Times: « vous prenez ce que vous obtenez, c'est tout vous pouvez le faire. Vous rendre à l'église et priez. » Mais comment est-ce un fait étonnant ? En moyenne, les producteurs de maïs en fait seront amassent un montant record de liquidités de leur récolte cette année. Et c'est même pas compter les paiements que bon nombre d'entre eux recevront de leur assurance-récolte. Pourquoi ? C'est simple. En raison de la sécheresse, l'approvisionnemen t est bas et le prix du maïs a été extrêmement haut. Donc, même une récolte réduite est une valeur supérieure. Et aux côtés des agriculteurs qui ont perdu leur récolte complètement, il y a d'autres — les agriculteurs dans l'Idaho avec irrigation, par exemple, ou les agriculteurs dans le Minnesota central irrigués ou du Mississippi — qui fera comme des bandits. Jetez un oeil à l'un des numéros, ci-dessous. Ils proviennent de données historiques USDA et des prévisions pour 2012 qui est sortie vendredi dernier. Croyez-moi, que ces étaient toutes vraiment bonnes années pour l'agriculture du maïs, beaucoup mieux que, disons, les années 1990, lorsque les prix du maïs ont été principalement vers le bas dans la gamme de 2 $par boisseau, et les rendements ont été inférieurs, trop. Le rendement dans les peuplements de 2009 comme le record… VISIT FOR MORE OTHER ARTICLES: http://www.slidesh adley-associates-m adrid-spain-133912 91 http://bradleyrose tag/bradley-associ ates-madrid/ bradley associates reviews madrid  (Feb 27, 2013 | post #1)

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Bradley Associates: ABOUT US

Bradley Associates Hong Kong Bradley Associates was established in 1987 and has been based in Taffs Well north of Cardiff since its inception. The Company currently employs four Chartered Engineers together with two Engineers, three technicians and two clerical staff. The Company provides a wide range of structural and civil engineering services and has been employed on Contracts throughout the UK and abroad, although the majority of the work undertaken is based in Wales. OUR AIM Our aim is to provide real value engineering on all our projects, and ensure client satisfaction through the use of up to date knowledge and state of the art computer technology. We endeavour to investigate all possible methods in achieving the desired goals in our brief within the allocated budget. In cases where this cannot be achieved, our aim is to advise our client on sympathetic changes where possible to reach the desired outcome. Bradley Associates Hong Kong  (Oct 1, 2012 | post #1)