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May 1, 2011

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West Palm Beach, FL

Review: Sunshine Flea Market

I hate to hear the negative thoughts on this market. I am sure it isn't "perfect " for everyone, but it really is a fun place to visit and enjoy the many things it has to offer. It is like many other markets I have visited, with many vendors and many items to choose from. A good selection, and language really isn't a barrier. Yes, it appears to be predominantly Hispanic. But English is commonly spoken. I am used to outdoor flea markets, and when I walked in, I wasn't expecting much. I am glad to say that I was take by surprise. Yes, it is an indoor market, but they did a good job in setting it up and keeping the flow moving, but still allowing for a great flea market experience. There is something for everyone in there, and great prices to be found! A note about the people with complaints on pricing and cleanliness: It is set up as a flea market, not a department store. Just keep that in mind, and I believe that any negative comments will fall into perspective. An additional note: The food that my daughter and I enjoyed was delicious. The ladies were friendly and helpful. I would like to see more information made available on this market, what it has to offer, times, etc. Perhaps they can have live entertainment events?? I can hardly wait to go for another visit!  (May 1, 2011 | post #11)