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May 1, 2008

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Prop 8 opponents concede defeat - Washington Blade

Frankly a lot of people voted yes for the wrong reason. I've lost a few friends recently over prop 8, and it hurts everytime I go outside and know that my rights have been stripped from me. That my wife and I are asking ourselves "now what?" I had a friend who voted yes because she didn't want her grand-daughter taught about ssm in school. When I tried to explain to her that it wouldn't be, she argued that it was written in the prop 8 wording and that it was already being taught in schools. This woman was at our wedding. Unbelievable. I go out shopping or to run errands and I see all these people going about their lives and think "what would they do?, how would they feel?, if their rights were taken away? I look out in the world and see a lot of hate and biggotry and ill-informed people. It truelly does hurt. My friend tells me I shouldn't take it personally that she voted yes, but how can I not? I tell her "I can't believe you discriminated against us and helped them take our rights away". She says it wasn't personal. She just doesn't get it.  (Nov 8, 2008 | post #25)


Outraged Parents of Children Featured in Latest Prop 8 TV Ad

I'm also from a family of seven and I'm gay and my baby sister is Bi. Where do the anti-gay's of the world think gay people come from?  (Oct 28, 2008 | post #12)


Yes or no vote on Prop. 8?

Nice to know that you hold gays and lesbians in the same catagory.  (Oct 26, 2008 | post #242)


Yes or no vote on Prop. 8?

Have you actually read prop 8 or do you just believe everything you see on tv?  (Oct 17, 2008 | post #179)


Yes or no vote on Prop. 8?

do you ever notice it's always a man and man marriage that everyone talks about? not very often is it about lesbian marriage. why is that?  (Oct 17, 2008 | post #140)


Yes or no vote on Prop. 8?

I'm a lesbian in a commited relationship and I have a son. What difference does it make to you if I marry my fiance' or not? If we get married we are a married couple with a 7 year old son. If we can't get married we are still a commited lesbian couple raising a 7 year old son. The whole thing with marriage is that if something whould happen to me my son can stay with my wife and live happily with a mother who loves him, if we are not allowed to marry then he goes into the foster care system as an orphan. Where's the justice in that? To let my son go to foster care just to protect your own biggoted beliefs.  (Oct 17, 2008 | post #138)


Polls show we're loosing, balance shits against gay marri...

The whole problem with this prop is not only will it ban same sex marriage but it's trying to force a religious belief onto millions of people. There's a reason religion and government are seperate people. This is a great example of that. VOTE NO ON 8  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #17)


Confessions of A Recovering U-Haul Lesbian

I too am a U-haul Lez. Moved in after 3 weeks but have been together over a year and a half  (Oct 3, 2008 | post #2)


Google opposes ban on gay marriage

That really was mean of you so I changed my picture to a more updated photo just for you Buddy. Also FYI, I was married for 3 years to a man and have a 7 year old son. Jerk.  (Oct 3, 2008 | post #17)


Gay Families Find the Bronx Is a Place to Call Home

I posted this yesterday morning.  (Oct 1, 2008 | post #1)


Vote no on Prop. 8; let anyone wed

And why do you get to vote on prop 8? It's a California Prop.  (Oct 1, 2008 | post #47)


Google opposes ban on gay marriage

I don't know if you've noticed but there are these places called sperm banks. It's a place a woman can go to get pregnant without the help of a man. Or being married to one. What about my civil liberties? My marriage to my wife doesn't effect your civil rights.  (Oct 1, 2008 | post #13)


Gay marriage? Not in the South

Hugh must you comment on every gay news article? I trully get tired of seeing your lame "Gay agenda" garbage on articles I post. Have you nothing better to do then sit around your house all day long reading about gay news? Why do you read gay news when you're so anti-gay? You would think someone like you would stay away from all things gay. I never get people like you.  (Sep 18, 2008 | post #19)


Same-Sex Marriage Is A Constitutional Right.

So You Choose to be Straight? Do you also choose to be a jerk or were you born that way?  (Sep 14, 2008 | post #35)


What do you think of gay marriage?

So it's ok for a man and a woman to make out in public just not two samesex people? where do you people come up with this stuff??? Obviously not your brains  (Sep 8, 2008 | post #10519)

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