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Nov 12, 2010

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Oak Island, NC

Gulfstream Report

5-13-11 Finally the Lightning and storms got out of here and we headed to the Gulfstream with Neal Fischer from New York, Kieth Murdock from Charlotte,NC, and Glenn Padgett from Southport,NC. The East winds had pushed some colder water (71-72*) in the Black Jack area. We marked no bait, and no fish there or the 100/400. Moved off to 50 fathoms, still no markings, but this is where we picked up four Mahi, a Wahoo, had several strikes that missed the hook, lost a Mahi close to the boat, and had a pink Mann's stretch 30 lure taken away from us. One Mahi and the Wahoo came off Ballyhoo, the rest came off Cedar Plugs at 11 knots. I have been using the "MAX BAIT TRAYS" for my Ballyhoo's this year. If you haven't tried them then you are trying to keep your baits fresh and top shelf the hard way. I have the deep tray, cutting board, and the shallow tray for the 48 QT. cooler. Go to and get them, I promise you will like them. Please tell 'em I sent you!!! Yeah, I know the last was some advertising, but I do not accept money from my sponsors. I only try their products and if I like them I agree to put them on my website and tell others about their product. And this is one product that I really like. Sometimes the simple things can make a big difference!!! We're not fishing today. His Mom ans I are heading to Wilmington today to attend Capt. Chris's and Ashleys Graduation from college!! Till next time, God Bless Everyone!!! Fish On!!! Capt. Butch Foster PROVERBS 15:16 Better to have a little with reverence for God, than have great treasure and all the trouble that goes with it.  (May 13, 2011 | post #1)