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Oct 13, 2010

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Alice, TX

Who is Roseanne Joslin

Does anyone know who she is going out with. She is the crack head that lost her kids and just got out of jail.  (Nov 5, 2010 | post #1)

Alice, TX

Who do you support for Governor in Texas in 2010?

The one and only Mr. Rick Perry. Mr. White could not run the city of Houston, and he wants to run the state  (Nov 1, 2010 | post #3697)

Alice, TX

R.I.P jeffery garcia :(

I feel for the 3 young kids that passed away, but the police stated that they found beer bottles in the car. Looks like Stupidity is at fault in this accident. I just hope this opens up your eyes PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE  (Nov 1, 2010 | post #71)

Alice, TX

best football players at wams

The one and only AARON SILVA  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #59)

Alice, TX

Mary Alice Joslin (spohn)

That's what it sound like  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #4)

Alice, TX

What ever happens to the Gang Task Force

We all have to admit that Alice has a big gang and wanna be gang bangers. I know they started a gang task force., are the still being used or was it a one time deal to get votes  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #1)

Alice, TX

Dont rent from David Bertha JOHNSON

He's alright but he does like going into the house when nobodys home. One day he walked in when I was sleeping after working the night shift. That's when he met my good friend Mr. Louisville Slugger across his back and head. Then he had the balls to call the police to file charges on me. When asked why he went into the house he said he smelled gas. But like I told the cops the house is electric not gas. Needless to say he went to jail that day  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #30)

Alice, TX

Tommy Garcia got head from Alex Gonzales

Well HUSKY you must have been in on it.  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #3)

Alice, TX

Charlie Flores

He works for Sandpro getting married  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #2)

Alice, TX

You know you're from Alice when......

When you see all the JWSO and Alice PD at the Kettle getting free food. Little do they know the cooks are ex- cons and spit and put urine in the food. I have seen them do it, and reported to the Manager but all they said was that what they get with free food  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #45)

Alice, TX

Unsolved Murders

He was one he'll of a cop he was tough on crime but his main focus was getting drugs off the street. From what they were saying was that the main police officials were in it when he hot killed, they also said that the car that he pulled over was taken to a police officer house who lived @ 2 blocks away but this is only hear say.  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #67)

Alice, TX

You can find out who's writing about you on topixs

Do you know what extradite means dumb ass  (Oct 13, 2010 | post #11)

Alice, TX

Noe bernal

Well if you want to know if he sells coke f#€king ask him he might just give you a discount  (Oct 13, 2010 | post #3)

Alice, TX

Who Is Amber Magnus?

Don't know but if she does everything the dumb ass people are saying and she is over 20 I would love to meet her  (Oct 13, 2010 | post #8)

Alice, TX

Should OSHA be called on Retama?

OSHA is not called into nursing homes you dumb ass it's the state that's goes in to investigate why do you think they are always there  (Oct 13, 2010 | post #23)