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May 29, 2009

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ACLU & FBI FAIL TO LOOK AT CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN DRUG RAID by CAPTAIN JOINT ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ -------- It was Seven Years, to the day, March 27,2010, since Chief (now X) Kevin P. Gleason with the aid of Special Agent Scott E. Haley kicked in my family's doors and put guns to my children, my grandchildren, and my dogs. I have had the good fortune to see Chief Kevin P. Gleason go to jail. Special Agent Scott E. Haley is still at large..... I want to thank Treating Yourself Magazine and the TY Community for their support. Treating Yoursef Magazine is the only publication to date that has even mentioned this story. For those of you just hearing of this tale, a quick re-cap. On this day, 7 years ago, a swat team tore my home apart while I was in the hospital after surgery. The police affidavit claimed 3 marijuana sales from me at my home in Holland Mass. to a C.I. #62. I was in the hospital when the sales took place and the C.I. #62 was in JAIL ! (Perjury by police) When the police found out I was in the hospital they stopped searching with the house half searched and they left. They knew they were in trouble. I was never charged, although the newspapers reported I was facing many charges, and the simple possession charges against my wife and daughter were dismissed, so our family filed in civil court to sue the police. The Town of Holland Mass. covered up the crimes of the police. We could only fight as long as our money lasted and the Town just had more cash than us, they get it from the taxpayers..., seven years later, why am I still bitching...? Because two agencies have failed to do their jobs in this case. I am claiming that the ACLU has not done their job in this case because of the following reasons. After my home was raided, (and I was well enough) I contacted the ACLU. They informed me that they do not get involved in criminal cases. I told them I didn't need a criminal lawyer. They said they would look at the civil rights violations after the criminal charges were dismissed. (Steven Epstein MassCann/Norml was the criminal lawyer) My claim is simple, My right to freedom of speech was violated as this raid was staged against me after: (1) ...being on the front page of the Southbridge Evening News in connection with a marijuana demonstration (speaking out) (2) ...written up in several local newspapers for running the Boston Freedom Rally in Sept, 02 for Masscann Norml (legal actions) (3) ...named Freedom Fighter in High Times Magazine in the Jan 03 issue. (not a crime) (4) ... had a letter to the editor printed in a local newspaper about medical marijuana and stated I was a patient (freedom of speech) ......This and a "rumor I had a lot of drugs.." led Chief Gleason to do the raid. The police stapled newspaper clippings to the affidavit, counted them into the page count, and cited demonstrations I was involved with in the affidavit. Chief Gleason in his Press Release of the raid stated that he had also gone to the newspapers for the copy of my letter to the editor. I do believe these actions along with the lies (perjury) the police stated in the affidavit are criminal, and a violation of my rights. The ACLU has been contacted and has failed to even look at this case. The other agency that has failed to do their job is the FBI. If you go to you will see that the FBI does look at civil rights violations. They also look at crimes called "COLOR of OFFICE" or "COLOR of UNIFORM" This is when police use the power of their office illegally. Chief Gleason, who headed up this raid has since gone to jail. He has gone to jail for stealing money and drugs from the police evidence room in Holland Mass. He also bought guns on the Towns Dollars and then sold the guns and kept the cash. I think it was 14 guns... Why won't the FBI look at this case?  (Apr 19, 2010 | post #1)

Springfield, MA

Former Holland Police Chief Kevin Gleason gets two years ...

Justice has not been served here, two years is not enough! This scumbag destroyed my home and terrorized my family while I was in the hospital. He did all this on LIES! Guns were put to a dogs head in front of my two year old grandson, and women were paraded around naked in front of gun carring SWAT officers. All charges were dismissed but the Town Of Holland covered up his crimes for him. When my civil case was blown out by a corrupt judge, all Chief Gleason's cheerleaders came out and claimed he was "vindicated " of the charges. Is it so hard to believe he lied now? The FBI Should be looking into my case for Civil Rights Violations, Perjury, Producing and presenting to the court false evidence, & using color of office to harass & intimadate my family while I was in the hospital. All they have to do to prove he committed perjury is to force out the name of "c.i.#62 " and place him where he really was when the police said they were sending him into my home to make marijuana buys. I can tell you that c.i. #62 is Michael Zelonis and he was IN JAIL on the dates the police claim they sent him into my home. They lied, and their lies are posted at for all to see. I am glad he's in jail, but two years is not enough.  (Oct 28, 2009 | post #2)

Ninilchik, AK

maine voters please take note and repost this public serv...

VOTE NO ON 5! We all want to see expanded uses for medical marijuana, and we want to see it available to medical marijuana patients. We need changes, but not for the worst. We have a workable law now, and DO NOT NEED a more restrictive one. We do NOT WANT DHS in charge of medical grows, and should not have to pay $5000.00 to DHS to grow. We also do not want or need the card system. If you are on Zolof, Zanax, Welbutrin, 0xi's and all the other drugs, you don't need a card, and we don't need one for medical marijuana either. We need a better law, question 5 is not it, don't vote in a bad law and then have to "fix" it. VOTE NO ON 5! By the way, Don Christen is out of jail, and was at Harvestfest. The Maine Vocals are gathering signatures now for their petition, and it is a much better one.  (Oct 20, 2009 | post #4)

Bill Maher

A Brief History of Chief Kevin P. Gleason - Sex Charges &...

...And a happy update, Chief (no more) Kevin P. Gleason GOES TO JAIL TODAY for 2 YEARS for STEALING DRUGS AND MONEY FROM POLICE EVIDENCE ROOM, and for Buying GUNS with TOWN POLICE BUDGET CASH and then SELLING THE GUNS and KEEPING THE MONEY! Maybe NOW THE FBI and the aclu WILL TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT THE CASE OF "BUNN VS GLEASON" Two Years is not enough for this poor excuse of a human...  (Sep 28, 2009 | post #5)

Ninilchik, AK

maine voters please take note and repost this public serv...

High Troops, There's a VOTE coming in Me. this Nov. The MMPI has a question up that sounds like it's good for the Me. Medical Marijuana Patients. The question asks if you are in favor of expanding the accepted uses for marijuana & are you in favor of a medical marijuana distrabution system. This seems like a "yes" vote, but a "no" vote is called for here. What you don't see when you vote is the full scope of the laws & requirerments behind this proposed change. Here's a notice from the Maine Vocals on this vote. The Vocals have a petition that addresses all the negative aspects of the MMPI petition. Their actions have been slowed by a series of events that include Don Christen, Maine Vocals Founder, being jailed at this time. It is easier to pass a law than to fix one, as the Drug War has shown us, so lets not vote in a bad law in Maine. Please educate yourself to the two existing petitions and vote as you see fit. Thank you. PUBLIC NOTICE from Maine Vocals MAINE MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT to HURT MORE THAN HELP MAINE’S EXISTING MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAW. WHY??? 1. Puts DHS in charge of the ACT. (Same DHS that takes children away from parents for use of marijuana) 2. Creates ID Card System (Maine rejected the Feds real ID and we see problems with this) 3. Sets up Dispensaries (Under DHS) Cost $5000.00 for a state permit or license and needs county and town approval with unknown fees and regulations. (We are in favor of a distribution system, but not this) 4. Felons are excluded from being caregivers even if charges stemmed from growing marijuana only. These are the people who have the most knowledge about growing marijuana that have committed no crimes of any other nature and are also some of the people who have been working to have the laws changed for medical marijuana. 5. Ads affirmative defense language instead of making it legal for patients. There are several other reasons, but this is the top of the list. If you want to help, first get a copy of the initiative language and read it for yourself. Follow link below to read text of initiative. (http://www.mainep Petition%20MEDICAL %20MARIJUANA.pdf/) Don’t blindly vote for this without knowing what you are voting for. Most of us want a good medical marijuana law that works for the people of Maine, but we need a good one that will actually work. It needs compassion and common sense which has been left out of the language and Maine Vocals are working on a new initiative that does just that. Here are some of the things that have been left out of the current initiative we are voting on in November. 1. Authorization – by a diagnosis of an illness or symptom that marijuana may be beneficial in their therapy. 2. Protection for Doctors / State licenses if needed and requirement for Doctors to work with patients who request to use marijuana for there therapy. 3. Amount patient can possess needs to be increased. (Recommendation 3lbs) ( Feds provide 9lbs per year to their patients) 4. Amount of plants a patient can grow needs to be increased. (Recommendation 12 plants) 5. Equal protection for patients whether ID card system or not. 6. Patient and Doctor input on Board of Overseers of the Dep. that controls law. (Recommendation Dep. of Agriculture) VOTE NO  (Aug 30, 2009 | post #1)

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FBI looking for TIPS on Ex - CHIEF of POLICE KEVIN P. GLE...

CHIEF of POLICE KEVIN P. GLEASON that RAIDED CAPTAIN JOINT Resigns in Shame! The news has come to me that the Police officer that committed perjury on an affidavit back in March of 2003 to set me up has resigned in shame. This link leads to the story. m/00098rm-Gleason- resignation.htm Chief Kevin P. Gleason claimed with Agent Scott Haley that I made marijuana sales from my home in Holland Mass three times to a C.I.#62. These three sales were detailed on an affidavit used to get a warrent on my home. The police could provide NO EVIDENCE in this case. The police could NOT PRODUCE the C.I.#62 they claim made the buys. They did claim that photocopied money came into my home during these sales, but could not produce that either. They did produce photocopies of money as "evidence " but the court refused it because of no time line or paper trail on the "evidence " Many laws were broken in this case, but they were all broken by the police. My family filed civil suit, but the Town of Holland lawyers ate up all the money we had to fight with, and a judge dismissed our case. We could not afford to fight the system to the tune of another $15,000.00 to file an appeal, and the case went dead. Now dead also is Ex-Chief Kevin P. Gleason's police career. The officers involved in this case should be investigated by the F.B.I. for PERJURY & CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, as well as USING COLOR OF OFFICE TO HARASS. It says on the F.B.I. Web page that they look into these matters... FBI TIPS on GLEASON & FRIENDS REFER TO FBI TIP # 2262295 and submit them to : https://tips.fbi.g ov/ Ex-Chief Kevin P. Gleason-Keep on a happy grin!  (May 29, 2009 | post #1)

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Chief-No-More Kevin P. Gleason of Holland Mass - One Man ...

I bet the crime in Holland Mass is down now that Kevin P. Gleason has resigned as Chief of Police. Here's more on my favorite Roll Model... Holland selectmen meet with police behind closed doors TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF HOLLAND — Selectmen ended their meeting last night with a closed-door session during which they said they planned to “consider the discipline or dismissal of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member, or individual” in accordance with the state’s Open Meeting Law. Board members said the involved party had been notified & declined to attend. Police Chief Kevin P. Gleason resigned Monday morning, citing health concerns. Selectmen would not say if they were discussing him & declined to say who their meeting was about. They invited two local police officers to come behind closed doors with them. State police Lt. Kevin Hope from the detective unit assigned to Hampden County District Attorney William M. Bennett’s office was also at the meeting. Lt. Hope was one of two lieutenants present Monday morning as an inventory of the Holland Police Department’s evidence locker was conducted by a local officer, state trooper and Selectman James E. Wettlaufer, the board’s chairman. Mr. Wettlaufer reiterated earlier comments, that the inventory & state police presence and changing of locks & pass codes were routine. He said he had called in law enforcement, in the wake of the chief’s resignation, to help with the inventory to protect the “chain of custody” of evidence stored at the police station in the basement of Town Hall. He read from a prepared statement & said the board would not discuss the matter further. Selectmen are slated to meet with the department’s sergeant and lieutenant on Monday to discuss how the department will be managed without a chief. Board members said Monday they had accepted the chief’s resignation, though they denied they’d held a meeting. They did not vote to accept the resignation last night, as is customary. Mr. Gleason said he has been hospitalized recently. His resignation was immediate.  (May 29, 2009 | post #1)

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Ex-Chief Kevin P. Gleason Resigns - State Police Inventor...

It feels GREAT as this dirty cop goes down in flames. He Set me up on lies & raided my house for pot sales that never happened. Google him for interesting reading. State Police called in to INVENTORY CHIEF GLEASON'S EVIDENCE ROOM. Stuff Missing... Chief resigns; state police take inventory TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF HOLLAND — The town’s police chief resigned yesterday, citing health concerns & a recent hospitalization as his reasons. Kevin P. Gleason’s resignation touched off a flurry of activity at Town Hall & the police station, as Chairman of Selectmen James E. Wettlaufer worked to determine what needed to be done during the chief’s departure. Immediate resignation was accepted by selectmen who said they were not meeting at 10 a.m. yesterday when the chief handed in his letter, but instead had met one another at Town Hall along with Christian J. Petersen and Earl A. Johnson, who were working as assessors. Mr. Wettlaufer said last night he had been told the chief planned to resign & went to Town Hall at 10 a.m. to accept the resignation letter. Selectmen are slated to meet at 7 tonight & likely will name an interim chief to oversee the department, which has one full-time and four part-time officers, including a lieutenant and a sergeant. Mr. Wettlaufer said he asked state police for advice on how to make a smooth transition & maintain the “chain of custody” of evidence stored at the police station, which is in the basement of Town Hall. Locks on the building were changed & pass codes for alarm systems were altered, he said. Two state police lieutenants, one from the Sturbridge barracks & another from the Hampden County Detectives unit, along with a trooper from the Sturbridge barracks, oversaw an inventory of the items in the Police Department’s evidence locker, Mr. Wettlaufer said. He & Sgt. Bryan Haughey conducted the inventory, which took several hours, with Mr. Gleason present. “It’s a normal procedure,” Mr. Wettlaufer said. Mr. Johnson said the presence was routine & Mr. Gleason said he was pleased to see the inventory being done so that everything would be accounted for. Mr. Gleason was named to the chief’s job in September 2002. He had been a sergeant with the department before that. In 2007, the town settled a lawsuit brought by a former officer who claimed her civil rights were violated because local officials told her she would lose her police job if she ran for selectman. The town’s insurance carrier paid $50,000 to settle the suit, in which the chief was one of the parties named. Mr. Gleason’s contract would have been up for renewal in 2010.  (May 29, 2009 | post #1)

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