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Jan 29, 2013

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Montross Middle School

I would like to make people more aware of exactly what is going on in Montross Middle School. If you think they have your child's best interest in mind you are wrong! At the beginning of the school year I talked to Mr. Cook at the school board office concerning my son attending Montross school. At that time Mr. Cook Knowing where I would be living accepted My son into the school even though it was out of jurisdiction and waived tuition charges. During the school year my son was a good student having only one discipline problem for pushing a kid who broke his glasses. My son also made good grades. The teachers told me if was a pleasure having him as a student. I contacted the school several times throughout the school year concerning bullying on the school bus. Each time they decided to pull the tape from the bus they always said the same thing. My son was minding his own business reading his book or listening to music and these kids teased him and threw things at him and threatened him. The bullying continued. On December 7th my son got into a confrontation with a child and finally stuck up for himself yelling at the child. Mr. Hall Bus 49 encouraged this child to get off at a bus stop which was not his stop to fight my son. The other child attacked my son from behind pushing him down and punching him in the back of the head several times. This incident was so traumatic for my son that he was hospitalized due to the anxiety. The bullying had gotten out of hand. The school was informed of the bus drivers actions as well as the students actions. Mr Hall is still employed. Due to the situation and the prolonged bullying his doctor wrote a letter requesting homebound instruction to give them a chance to develop a plan for my sons safety. The school wanted to put him back on the same bus so his doctor wrote a second letter recommending my son to have special transportation. One day after receiving that letter the school decided to kick my son out of school due to jurisdiction. It was agreed upon by Mr. Cook at the beginning of the school year. Schools are supposed to have a plan in place concerning bullying ESPECIALLY with children who have special needs. Way to go Montross middle school for passing the buck when a child becomes an inconvenience for you.  (Jan 29, 2013 | post #1)