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Jul 28, 2012

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I want to buy used insulin pump

I have a Brand new in box Minimed 723 new never used! Willing to sell to anyone in need of a new one, comes with instructions, and 6 months supplies. Contact [email protected] com if interested? Thanks :)  (Jul 29, 2012 | post #28)


MMT 723 Paradigm real-time Revel minimed Purple FOR SALE

Maybe I set the price too high so I am willing to lower the price to $2000 for the brand new 723 Paradigm Purple pump? However, I also have a Accuchek Spirit Pump that has 1505 days left on it with 6 months of supplies infusion sets, ultra flex cannulas, and 3.15ml cartridges, plus the back-up pump which has 6 months of use never used, including the communication blackberry system with the accuchek bolus calculator for sale also. This I'm only asking $600? If interested let me know, or if you need supplies on the accuchek I'd be open to offers? The 723 Revel is only for sale as a complete package supplies and pump together. Email me at [email protected] com if interested Thanks and have a great day!  (Jul 29, 2012 | post #2)


MMT 723 Paradigm real-time Revel minimed Purple FOR SALE

FOR SALE Brand New in Box never used MMT 723 Paradigm real-time Revel minimed Purple Insulin Pump, plus supplies. I need to sell this new pump due to changing jobs and my new insurance will cover only Amimas or Accucheck pumps so I won't be able to get the supplies I need! I would have really liked to have used it, can't get a refund, and with loss of current job I need to pay bills for a month before I start my new job. So my loss is your gain, I'll list the supplies you get and I'm asking half of the pumps value which is fair since its completely new email me if interested at [email protected] com thanks for looking :) 1 MMT-723 PRDGM Insulin pump purple 4 Boxes Paradigm Reservoirs 3.0ml 332A 4 Boxes Infusion sets Quickset Paradigm 9mm 32N 1 MMT-395 Quick Serter infusion insertion system 1 Bayer Contour Meter Never used new in box 1 Carelink USB 7305 Package Documents on how to use the system comes with disk to load to PC or laptop asking $3500 but I will negotiate open to best offer also accept Paypal or other payments email [email protected] com me if interested will ship US or International  (Jul 28, 2012 | post #1)