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Sep 7, 2010

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The Reporter

Editorial: A quick guide to The Reporter's election endor...

There are indeed many great reasons to Pass Prop 19, surprising that the Editors didn't mention the racist aspect of the drug war or the obscene amount of money spent without any requirement for demonstrable success. Furthermore the reasons not to are easily debunked: There is no "federal conflict". A conflict results when, like Arizona, a state tries to perform an action reserved for federal control. In the case of Prop 19, we will be removing the state's actions against drugs... leaving the federal agencies to continue with business as usual. No conflict here. I can't believe that the prohibitionists are using this strength of Prop 19 in arguments against it! If Prop 19 did not give control to local communities, cities, counties (which it does)... If Prop 19 instead gave control to Sacramento, and didn't allow local control, then these same prohibitionists would be be decrying legislation by fiat! Look close, and consider... this Local Control Option is the best thing you local communities could ask for! Put the decision in your hands, not in Sacramento's. The issue with driving under the influence is already being dealt with by the use of impairment tests. Nothing new here- there are no "breathalyzer s" for any prescription pharmaceuticals, cocaine, meth, LSD, XTC, etc. But people are still caught and prosecuted for driving under the influence of these drugs. How do you think they come up with figures on people driving while under the influence of cannabis, if they can't test for it? Simply not possible, right? So, there are mechanisms in place to test impairment and association with cannabis use. Not a reason to continue a cruel and racist practice of prohibition. Vote Yes on Prop 19; For Human, Race, States, Individual and Medical Freedoms.  (Oct 31, 2010 | post #3)

Eureka Times Standard

My Word: Going legit, if Proposition 19 passes

Thank You Jordan Anderson. You have divined the way for Nor Cal to maintain it's prominence in Cannabis production. A Co-Op system would set minimal standards, agreed upon by members, that ensure Nor Cal cannabis will still be consistently rated as some of the highest quality on the world. A Co-Op system allows the "little guys" compete with the bigger guys. Even if the vision you describe took form as a single family business working with other single family businesses, I believe profitability would still be apparent. People, especially California people, will indeed pay extra for better quality, and to use the French term for what a special land imparts to wine... Terroir. Imagine a "Denomination of Origin" legal status that protects Humboldt's good name! Imagine the wonderful marketing that can be done with Humboldt Terroir! I have been so disheartened lately with these "stoners against legalization" . I fear that they will be like the Luddites that simply got forgotten after a while.... as time passed them by. Only through pro-action can Nor Cal seize this opportunity and make a booming industry while avoiding a slow decline toward irrelevance.  (Oct 8, 2010 | post #7)

Redwood Times

Prop 19 will fill the coffers of violent criminals - Redw...

Hi Everybody... I am surprised that no-one caught on to the REAL motivation of David Dresser. He lives right up in that area of Cali (emrald Triangle) that is sooo famous for its wonderful sticky *American-Made* marijuana. I mean, Garberville. C'mon, it's like a cliche. Soon as I saw that, and saw the anti-Prop 19 rant, I knew exactly what's up. Growers in this region are doing an all-out misinformation campaign: They do NOT want Prop 19 to pass. Most believe in a conspiracy from Oakland to introduce "corporate " grows. I am not saying David Dresser is a grower. No, I am saying he's writing from an area whose small independent marijuana growers will economically suffer if Pro 19 passes. In reality, Prop 19 Passage will reduce the price of marijuana... and this WILL directly reduce the incomes of individuals living in Garberville who can charge high prices for their weed under Prohibition. I lived in Nor Cal, and their are many aspects that could directly translate into great, profitable, business opportunities. They could capitalize on the Co-Op system to connect individual growers, they could leverage their incredible weed in a fashion that the French assign "terroir " to their wines with a Denomination of Origin. But instead of focusing on the positive business opportunities and the potential to create a revitalized industry in Nor Cal after the collapse of logging, David Dresser decides to look out for the selfish interests of a few individual growers in a small part of Northern California.  (Oct 6, 2010 | post #56)

Daily Democrat

Do the numbers add up if marijuana is legalized in Califo...

Wait. You have some sort of business, with clients, perhaps a treatment facility (?) and you do not see the value of an education? An education provides not just facts, but a robust ability to use rationality and logic. An education provides the ability to construct well thought out arguments. Based on *your* posts and arguments, I think you should consider an education.  (Oct 3, 2010 | post #11)

Daily Democrat

Do the numbers add up if marijuana is legalized in Califo...

Apparently you haven't ventured out from your cave for the past few months. Prop 19 has showed a plurality for passage in nearly EVERY SINGLE poll. Here are the actual poll numbers for every poll done on Prop 19's chances at passage. http://polltracker .talkingpointsmemo .com/contests/2010 -ca-prop-19 In fact, the numbers show that you are completely wrong. Prop 19 would pass if the election were held today. Sorry to have to force you back into reality.  (Oct 3, 2010 | post #10)

Daily Democrat

Do the numbers add up if marijuana is legalized in Califo...

Excuse me, would you mind clarifying your point? You don't seem to be countering Miron's very reasonable assumption. From what I understand, Miron is saying that currently, parolees who are being drug tested can be sent back to prison if they test positive for cannabis, regardless of the original charge. This is absolutely true, and results in additional budgetary expenditures that were quantified in Miron's analysis. Also true is that with the passage of Prop 19, cannabis use will be legal. Since the law doesn't bar convicts from using cannabis, this will likely put a halt to indiscriminate testing of persons on parole/probation.. . because the courts cannot mandate a cessation of legal personal behavior. If indiscriminate drug testing for cannabis ceases, then parole/probation will not be revoked, and we will not have to pay monies from our budget to re-incarcerate these individuals. That's the argument. I think it sounds valid. If you disagree, how about presenting some logic, facts or an opposing argument rather than simply bleating out an attack on Miron's work?  (Oct 3, 2010 | post #9)

San Bernardino County Sun

Prop. 19 dangerous to residents, catastrophic to economy

Just sayin' that cannabis makes one a very giving lover.... not so much of a taker. Less averse to spending some quality time down there, showing her that heaven does indeed exist right here on earth.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #142)

San Bernardino County Sun

Prop. 19 dangerous to residents, catastrophic to economy

I don't understand why some think that cartel carte blanche will ensure once Prop 19 is passed. FIrst off, every Californian, to a person almost, is in favor of protecting our forests and public lands. This attitude is borne out in choices Cali consumers make every day to buy certified organic, free-range, fair-trade foods and herbs. Once cannabis is legal, local and state government can require that all cannabis sold withing county/city limits bear a certified seal that it was grown in conditions that don't negatively impact public lands. In fact, this already occurs, where locales have demanded that medicinal cannabis be tested for pesticides and THC levels. ________ As to the second question, What becomes of CAMP funds? CAMP will be ELIMINATED, and the jack-booted police and dea thugs who play macho man ripping out herbs and rounding up poor immigrants will thankfully get to go back to solving crimes, tracking down violent criminals and locking away kiddie touchers.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #141)

Wilton Cops Make Big Pot Bust

No. So says everyone. Including DEA Judge Francis Young: "A smoker would have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about 15 minutes to induce a lethal response. In practical terms, marijuana cannot induce a lethal response as a result of drug-related toxicity." - Judge Francis L. Young wrote in a 1988 decision "  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #188)

Norfolk, VA

Marijuana - Norfolk, VA

FALSE. There absolutely are proven benefits, and your tax dollars provided the funding through your National Institutes of Health to prove it: Marijuana users have a LOWER incidence of cancer than non-users: Marijuana PROTECTS against cancer. Cannabinoids Curb Brain Tumor Growth, First-Ever Patient Trial Shows http://www.norml.o rg/index.cfm?Group _ID=6947 Pot Compound May Offer “Non-Toxic” Alternative To Chemotherapy http://www.norml.o rg/index.cfm?Group _ID=7433 Δ9-Tetrah ydrocannabinol inhibits lung cancer as well as metastasis http://www.nature. com/onc/journal/v2 7/n3/abs/1210641a. html Inhibition of skin tumor growth by activation of cannabinoid receptors /articles/view/161 16/version/1 AND the list goes on! Fact #2: Marijuana is NOT associated with Emergency Room Visits or social costs! Experienced marijuana consumers show virtually no changes in cognitive performance after using cannabis, according to clinical trial data published online this week in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior. 0600251?dopt=Abstr act The World Health Organization, along with many other health agencies have CLEARLY stated that marijuana use is not associated with significant social cost. http://www.druglib hemp/general/who-c onclusions.htm http://www.heretoh ions/cannabis/bck/ 7  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #26)


Judge: Military's ban on gays is unconstitutional

Gays in the military is a "gateway " to allow gay marriage, and I for one will be glad to see it happen! It will be increasingly difficult for the moral conservatives to deny gays the right to marriage, if gays are "out" on the front lines preserving the rights of said conservatives... the arguments against gay marriage simply fade away. Bye bye oppressive military policy, hello gay marriage!! :-)  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #3)

Daily Democrat

When are people too high to drive?

From our National Institutes of Health: "Study Finds Little Difference for Drivers Who've Smoked Marijuana" In crash avoidance and basic driving, the stoned group also showed no difference in driving performance and performed as well as the group that received the placebo. 0464803 com/kickingtires/2 010/06/study-finds -little-difference -for-drivers-whove -smoked-marijuana. html ****************** Question answered. Lock the thread.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #84)

San Bernardino County Sun

Prop. 19 dangerous to residents, catastrophic to economy

its more fun to kill da punani after a bit o' vape than after the devil drink jus sane  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #135)

Top Stories - Iraq

U.S. Says Killings Won't Affect Iraq Mission

No. In fact, I don't agree with the murders in the least. They are tragic. But, also, I an not naive enough to think that the US can export its ideals in the form of headstrong young bucks bearing automatic rifles and nightvision goggles. Pull your head out.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #4)

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Thomas Elias: Did voters lie to pollsters about legalizin...

BTW... It frustrates me that SGV, a wonderfuly diverse region where you can go to the asian super duper markets and get fresh, edible frogs to go, bashed on the head to order, or get a $1.50 Bahn Mi from the Viet market... this same SGV hosts the SGV Tribune, a biased rag that refuses to print balanced perspectives when it comes to reform of california's horrific drug laws.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #2)