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Mar 8, 2011

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Julian, WV

anyone know timothy wilburn?

Well first off Justin was never on this bi*** till now! Second I am very happy and dont need no fake ass bitch saying otherwise! I would much prefer if your going to tell someone to shut up and grow up and shit then come to me! Don't tell me shit over no forum! Just like the name says I can back it up! Won't think twice about knocking you nor anyone else the fuck out! I did not start this forum nor did I approve of what was said! If anyone has the right to dawg my father it should be me! I live in another state for a reason an that is because of the wilburns! They would much rather stab you in the back then piss on u if on fire!! If you think other wise then they already have you in there twisted head game! My suggestion run! From big sandy down these people will use and abuse everyone ! Nice to ur face till you walk away then there throwing knifes! A bunch of fake ass people! As for who wrote this I got ur drama b! Come to me next time u wanna say my name!!  (Mar 8, 2011 | post #13)