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Aug 6, 2011

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West Chester, PA

Freedom! But at what price and how many have to suffer fo...

Recently, I read a heartfelt sentiment to a grieving family from a Lucille and Romeo C. Afterward, I thought to myself: "How nice...their condolences went to a friend, and yet there were no condolences for his own mother when she passed away" This is what prompted me to pay a tribute to her memory and to ask this question. My Memories of my mother will always be bittersweet. Sweet when I remember how much she loved me, and the other members of her family. Her children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren. She loved life, her sister Dolly, and all of her nieces and nephews. She was deeply religious, loving God and praying to him all the time. It is said that the greatest pains and sorrows are those of a parent who loses a child before themselves. So this is where the bitter memories of my mother come into play. I remember how she used to lay in her bed, crying every night, asking God why she had to lose her son. Not to death, but to total indifference, and lack of conscience. She asked why his children had to lose their father, not to God, but to a bitter, hateful, vindictive, heartless person who had no family or man of her own and decided to steal another woman's husband. She wondered how he could just toss his children aside like yesterdays garbage, never looking back, or caring about them ever again. She asked God, "How could any man(ha ha) never want to see his own grandchildren all healthy and beautiful" So, to the memory of my mother Eleanor C Upon which the anniversary of her death will be upcoming in eleven days (the same date of her oldest son Andrew's Birthday) Whose last wish before she died was to see her baby boy Romeo once more, and never having that wish fulfilled i say this: "Rest easy and in peace". God is wise and has his own sense of justice and a truly remarkable sense of humor. Mom, we both know that the "heartfelt " sentiment wasn't from the heart, but from the end of star trek two 'The wrath of Kahn'. For something to be truly heartfelt, it can only come from someone who has a heart. Remorse can only be felt by a person who has a conscience, because when there is no conscience, remorse can not exist. In the end, we will all be judged one way or another upon our deeds throughout our lives. I love you mom, and always will... Your Friend and daughter, Camille ...So the question is this: If a man decides to gain his freedom by divorcing his wife, does he also have to divorce his mother, his siblings, his children, along with the rest of his family? What is your opinion? ...Or is it just me?  (Aug 11, 2011 | post #1)

West Chester, PA

Need help with posting

Hi, I am trying to post something. it is within character limitations, but every time i try to post it...nothing happens? Has anyone else had this problem? or can anyone offer any advice or helpful tips?  (Aug 11, 2011 | post #1)

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Q & A with Camille Camputaro


Freedom! At what price and ...


Clementon, New Jersey


born in Brooklyn, NY

Local Favorites:

SI Mall, neighborhood restaurants

I Belong To:

currently a student @ Camden County College..Belong to Phi Beta Sorority

When I'm Not on Topix:

I read a lot lately..Now at my brothers home in SI recovering from an accident.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I'd like other opinions on the subject matter

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Read This Book:

Any book on Abnormal Psychology....fascinating!

Favorite Things:

are spending time with my family and friends, my career as a nurse and my impending degrees in nursing and animals

On My Mind:

My brother's birthday and my mother's death at this particular time.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

no webpage....just an E mail address

I Believe In:

God...My family...Love for life to its fullest..Caring and compassion...non-violence....spent my teenage years in the late '60's....