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Jan 11, 2014

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Mount Juliet, TN

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I dis like giving bad reviews but this one is well deserved. After carefully reviewing a MC of N ad on one of their cars with less than quality photos from ( I now know why) very advantageous angles, and really, in this day of cheap very high quality cameras why crapy photos? what are you trying to hide? A simple honest presentation of photos is not hard.... if your honest! Anyway, with a low comfort level, I called up Rebecca, who said she was the salesperson and could help me with my questions. A pleasant confident voice, sounded good so far. History of the vehicle questions followed by the all important questions..... Please describe the condition. "A beautiful well cared for car. I've driven it, yesterday is a matter of fact and it's really nice." I asked any issues I need to be aware of cosmetically? Rebecca said "No, none it's really nice, paint and interior are really nice" May fault is driving two hours to see this car. Wow! What a piece of..... Scratches, dents everywhere, trim faded and pealing, rear door latch missing. Then the interior ... Headliner half off, seats with major ink stains and scratches ECTC. Alex was showing to car, after I complained about Rebecca's mis representation, he pointed to Rebecca's personal car and said " she drives that so you might understand why she would think this is good" live and learn, no recommendation for this dealer.  (Jan 11, 2014 | post #1)