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Sep 11, 2009

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Oak Grove, LA

130 Inmates from Houston Move to Epps Jail

LoL...Boo Hoo Hoo ?...Ok..LoL..I would like to read news about this town. Have they been in the news and i have missed it? I knew east of there is a small town that is constantly in the news. And to answer your question, I don't automatically disagree with anyone about anything.I have enough sense to make my own mind about issues. Guess who supplied me with that? Well, if it is a crime for a citizen to support in a positive way,his or her local government and also support their local sports programs, then yes from what I hear you better head the paddywagon to Oak Grove cause you going to fill it As far as what I"ve seen in the news,that little town may not be the place to go and commit a violent crime, if you don't want to be jailed. And if you don't live there..I don't imagine the residents that do live there,really care what you,me or anyone else thinks as long as they are happy with what's going on.If there is wrong-doing there..a higher form of the law(FBI} will take care of it...They don;t need you and they don't need me.Are you aware you placed "God' in the same sentence that you judged my life? Hmmm ?  (Sep 13, 2009 | post #9)

Oak Grove, LA

130 Inmates from Houston Move to Epps Jail

Kay, it's so nice to meet you. What planet did you say you were from ? Apparently you have been talking to an inmate some where. The jails are full of innocent people, if you don't believe it just ask them. I was born and raised in West Carroll Parish and know most all of the law enforcement, parish and city, and I have failed to see all this "corruption " you mentioned in your short story. Most of the officers have two or three jobs and are trying to survive and raise their families just like everyone else. The sheriff's office is still operating on an early seventies tax base and are extremely under-funded, but manage to provide 24 hour patrol and have some of the finest investigators in the state, and it shows in their solved cases.Most of the decent people,young and old, well-off and the not-so-well-off, have positive things to say about law enforcement and local government.If you are arrested here you are still treated like a human being and will most definitely get a fair shake. I would be very interested to learn of the "activities " you claim to be researching and have never read so much unfounded garbage in a forum in my life. The next time you need a police a crack-head instead.  (Sep 11, 2009 | post #7)

Oak Grove, LA

6 indicted on murder charges resulting from Oct. 14 fire ...

I always pay attention when someone begins a sentence with "I know for a fact" If you actually knew anything about this case, you would know that local law enforcement did assist in the investigation, but the Louisiana State Police took the lead, which is common for a crime such as this. The local "fire department" is all volunteer and doesn't investigate anything. The State Fire Marshalls were called in for this.You have not read any transcripts of any statements taken by the State Police and I would be surprised if discovery has happened yet. The confessions (more than one) that they do have, implicate the others that were arrested, and what element do you need for an arrest warrant?  (Sep 11, 2009 | post #5)