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Jan 18, 2011

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My thread wasn't racist; just citing a few facts to the racist. I didn't make those things up; those things were done and publicized for all to read; broadcasted on the evening news for all to hear. This country was nearly destroyed over several of the items I listed. Just the facts; nothing but the facts  (Jan 18, 2011 | post #3)

Temple Hills, MD

P.G. County Murders 2011: 'The incidents ... taint the re...

Follow these shooters home and you will find a mother who half raised them and probably no father. Of course that is not always the case. That doesn't mean a single or divorced mother can't raise children, and boys in particular, alone, but, that mother needs to instill good morals and social values and spiritual teachings into these children; and be prepared to be particularly firm with the males when they approach and reach adolescence. That is males of any race. One can notice from toddlers, children, particularly males, respond more obediently to that male voice than to the female voice. I've been there, done the divorced mother raising 3 children, including one male. My outcome was excellent. The road was bumpy, but, I stood my ground firmly, providing the teachings I spoke of above, and I must say they are firmly planted in them today as adults. I worked, but, after work I was home for them. I dated, but, did not spend time manchasing. There were many solitary months and years, but, I was on the same course as when I was married with children. Being divorced wasn't going to change my behavior. I had children that needed to be raised in a stable, respectful home. So, from the children's perspective, it was "Do as I do AND do as I say do." These half raised children act out with neighbors, act out in school and drop out to act out in their communities and those of others including burgulary, robbing, taking and selling drugs and killing people for any excuse..."she /he disrespected me by the way she/he looked at me". What do they know about respect when they give it to no one? When they demonstrated that they were a behavior problem - a menance or a bully, THE PARENT(S) should have been hauled into court for raising this menance this way. Not the parent(s) fault? Then the parent(s) should have presented themselves and that belligerent child to the authorities and asked for help. Maybe there are psychological issues that need to be addressed. The authorities should make sure they are appropriately responsive giving that child a psyche counselor, probation-type officer to report to, medication, time in Juvenile detention (protections so they (boys and girls) are not raped) etc. If they parents are uncooperative, irresponsible, druggers and drunkards, then they need to be fined; spend time in jail; placed on probation etc for irresponsible procreation and putting society in harms way due to their negligence.  (Jan 18, 2011 | post #1)