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Nov 10, 2010

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Lockheed to close Eagan facility by 2013; 1,000 jobs to b...

Tough week for Eagan. First Thomson Reuters announces the layoff of 60 people on Tuesday and now 1,000 more on Thursday. I tried to look at this news from the standpoint of its effect on the local real estate market earlier today -  (Nov 18, 2010 | post #9)

Obama gets a deficit cure -- and it would hurt

This plan is absolutely needed and I can't find a thing wrong with it. Of course it has NO chance of being passed. There has to be some pain for all involved to get out of the bigger mess we will be facing down the road if we don't act now.  (Nov 11, 2010 | post #5)

Homes sales off 41 percent in Twin Cities; prices hold st...

As a local Realtor I totally agree that we shouldn't push for another tax credit at this time. That said, housing works both ways. The fact that over 40% of all transactions in the Twin Cities are short sales and bank owned sales has it's own negative effect that I think will prolong the housing downturn even after jobs start kicking in. As someone who works with a lot of homeowners on loan modifications and short sales I see the impact of these every day - RE  (Nov 10, 2010 | post #2)

Hookahs at University of Minnesota: Swirls of smoke - and...

This isn't the first time Bank of America has foreclosed on someone they shouldn't have - Mg  (Nov 10, 2010 | post #51)