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Jan 15, 2014

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Beaver, OK

Help your Nursing Home

Please help Beaver County Nursing Home. In November 2012 the Hospital Authority Board decided to change how the Beaver County Hospital Authority Sales Tax was distributed, it had been 50/50 between the Hospital and Nursing Home for years. They changed it to 70/30 with the nursing home receiving the less amount. At the time the nursing home had 38 residents and was running in the black. Now the nursing home has 32 residents, and it is not breaking even. The Administrator Dan Styles has cut hours of staff, expenses, and done all he can to put the nursing home in the black, but it has not worked yet. They have been advertising in local papers, talking to local groups, opened an Alzheimers unit, now do short term care for people needing it, and are trying to become a skilled nursing home. All of this has not increased the amount of residents they have. Many long time residents have died in the past year and thay have not been able to replace them all. Please come to the board meeting on January 20th in the EMS building and tell the board that you care about the nursing home and want to see the tax split evenly between the hospital and nursing home. The administrator has asked the board to change the tax in the past, and Mrs. Schlessmann the hospital administrator has blocked it. The hospital has over a million dollars in the bank, and a lot of that money has come to them because of the nursing home residents. The board makes the nursing home use the hospital for all of their residents medical needs, tests and X-rays. Please come out and support our great local nursing home! The staff does an awesome job with the residents and does all they can with the money they have to take the best care of the residents, but unless they can get more residents, or the board starts sharing the money fairly, the nursing home may cease to exist or get taken over by a corporation like the one in Guymon did. Please come to the board meeting on January 20th, it starts at 5:30  (Jan 15, 2014 | post #1)