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Sep 28, 2011

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Top Stories = Money Big

As a first time website owner you get to learn fast how internet marketing works and who benefits from it. The Money Big of (Pay Per Click). You can spend hundreds and thousands if you are not careful you can go broke and Money Big gets bigger. I would not put it pass that has people clicking on your pay per click to make more money and if you STOP paying per click your page rank goes down. So you go back to paying to keep your page rank up. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. WHO IS BENEFITING GOOGLE.COM = MONEY BIG.  (Sep 30, 2011 | post #1)

Thomasville, GA

Never Agree to Dual Agency

CAARE ual%20Agency Dual Agency is a conflictive relationship that strips buyers and sellers of service to a level that can best be described as abandonment. Dual agency arises when the real estate broker is representing both the buyer and the seller. It is illegal in every other fiduciary profession except under the most extreme circumstances. It is routinely practiced in residential real estate where there is the least amount of training. When a real estate broker engages in dual agency they may not work to the advantage or the detriment of the buyer or seller. In other words, all the reasons you hired your broker vanish - often with little warning. Dual agents are legally prevented from negotiating price or terms (two of the most important reasons consumers hire Realtors). And perhaps the biggest problem with this betrayal is that it usually presents itself with little warning to the client - it is a bait and switch. The broker could be acting in the client's best interests all the way up to finding the house that creates a dual agency. At that point the buyer or seller are on their own. In a dual agency, brokers don't have to share the commission with other brokers so they make twice as much money. They profit greatly from this practice. Realtors, who typically have no understanding of the legal ramifications of their own fiduciary relationship with their clients, often illegally counsel their clients of the so-called "benefits " of dual agency. We're here to tell you that there are NO benefits and that you should NEVER agree to dual agency. Find a small brokerage firm with highly qualified real estate agents and demand that they not engage in dual agency. The likelihood of dual agency arising with a smaller firm is far less than with a large firm. For more on this topic click here.  (Sep 28, 2011 | post #1)