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Feb 9, 2013

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Sumner, WA

Review: Jay Lee's Honda Of Sumner

If you are considering a new or used vehicle from Jay Lee and Honda of Sumner, consider your options. You may have a good personal experience, but not everything may truly be what it seems. Ask for a CarFax on any new or used vehicle. A lot of the used vehicles are bought from the auction. Ask to see any and all service records including the safety or certified inspection forms and the work that was performed. A car may be on the lot and advertised before its even been inspected. Tires, brakes and all servicing should be up to date. I suggest you have any vehicle inspected by another shop. You may be shocked. If you are looking at a new vehicle, know what your vehicle is worth and be aware of any rebates. The idea is to lowball your trade and keep your rebate. Then as you drive away, the salesman that was so wonderful, stands in the sales office with both owners and talks about how they just "knocked your head off." Good luck  (Feb 9, 2013 | post #80)