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Sep 16, 2011


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Utica, NY

I Love Heritage Health Care Utica

herritage is the worst place next to ghetto laretto, its been a shit hole since the mid 90s, if anyone did there homework there always in trouble with the state and Dr, Kodsy what a joke, the staff is over worked and I wouldnt send my worst enemy there if you paid me.  (Oct 3, 2011 | post #8)

Utica, NY

Trooper Suicide in Ilion

its so easy for people to call it a coward act and worry that there was some scandle going on, if he wasnt a police officer you wouldnt even know this was going on. @ reddy Freddy you can go fuck your self, how dare you say that to someone, that just goes to show your intelligence. @ is butterfly serous, you obveously have never lost anyone close to you, I dont need to justify my fathers death, he had to face that himself, i was standing up for the family because everyone on here forgets that there are children left without a father  (Oct 3, 2011 | post #183)

Utica, NY

Who knows Jeff Sapienza?

STAY AWAY!!!! he dont work, he dont have a place to live, he will fuck anything or anyone even if they got the monster. He dated one of my best friends and cheated with the lowest shit possible and I heard he has a baby dick.he dont know if he wants to be gay, straight or bi, confused, deff. do yourself a favor.. DONT!!  (Sep 16, 2011 | post #5)

Utica, NY

Trooper Suicide in Ilion

this is a horrible thing and the only reason it was even made public is because he was a police officer. people should be ashamed this was someones father, husband and son. what if this was your relative?? I lost my father 3yrs ago to suicide and you people have no ideal what this does to a family, they will suffer forever in some way shape or form. and for those of you calling him a coward, this is far from a cowardly act. depression is a serious thing and if you have never dealt with it than you dont know. think about the family before you smear this persons name and keep your negative comments to yourself. have you ever lost someone to a tragedy, well this is one and its very sad, my heart goes out to the family because i know what they are going through. If any of the family or friends read this, it well get better, one day at a time. you will never understand why, and you will want to blame yourself, DONT, this is nothing anyone could have stopped.It has been 3yrs for our family and every holiday, birthday, or special moment seems to be a little easier.there will still be days that are hard and seem to never end, but just stay strong as a family, dont stop talking about him, remember the good times. the family will need all the support in the world right now, and just know that he is not suffering anymore.  (Sep 16, 2011 | post #153)