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May 1, 2007

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psst..aja aja fighting!!



Local Favorites:

"do not ask me 4 my YM, EMAIL & ETC. if i don't bring it up y should u guys? if'm interested in anybody, i'll let d'person know..."

When I'm Not on Topix:

"just becoz i don't want care, doesn't mean i don't understand..."

Read My Forum Posts Because:

"TEARS" are words my heart can't say...

I'm Listening To:

"wuts go around comes around"

Read This Book:

best proofs of love..."HONEST and TRUST"...

Favorite Things:

"truth is not what we see or hear...truth is what we feel in our heart..."

On My Mind:

"to reach my top potential in life..."

I Believe In:

"ur character is what u are. so being honest with others starts by being honest with urself. if u want to be respected, u must respect urself..."