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Apr 19, 2013

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How can I self- detox from Oxycontin?

Anyone tryin to detox, its a nasty road, but can b done.the higher dose u were on the longer it takes but clonedine is a blood pressure med they give u for alcohol n pill withdrawl, i have had it and it really helps u relax. U will b drowsy at first but it will get better once u get used to it n u wIll feel normal in 5 days give or take. Ask ur doctor or try ur local emergency room as i did. Option b is suboxone. Been on that as well. Its a life savior for long term issues but being off all meds is best so at least try option a. Normal emergency room protocal for detox is valiums and clonodine with a follow up with ur reg doc, unless u see ur reg doc first. Ive been thru it all so any questions feel free to ask.  (Nov 13, 2013 | post #12142)

Suboxone and urine screens

Yes its for my dr. I see two at the practice one is very reasonable but one is very strict and rude. I never know who i am going to see. I only get tested by the strict one. They treat everyone like a criminal. I think ur right tho it is better to use mine. Ive passed all my other tests so maybe if i do get screened today they wont care about pot. Additionally the only reason i smoke is the subs seem to numb me up n the pot brings back my sex drive. I can see that as a decent reason.  (Nov 13, 2013 | post #3)

oxycodone does not come up on a standard urine opioid tes...

Anyone know anything about adding sub to clean urine to pass a drug screen? Its a cup test n has everything on it including bupe, i dont wana use my piss because ill b dirty for pot n i have clean urine but it needs to be positive for bupe. Thought about adding some sub powder to the urine sample.  (Nov 12, 2013 | post #97)

Suboxone and urine screens

Anyone tried adding sub to clean urine to pass a panel cup test? Screens for everything basically and bupe Its a cup n thats all i know. Dont want to use my piss because ill be dirty for pot. Got a friends clean urine only i forgot the cup makes sure u come up positive for bupe. Currently, i have generic subutex, no nalaxone in it. Anybody who has tried this or is knowledgeable on the subject pls advise.  (Nov 12, 2013 | post #1)