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Apr 13, 2009

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WNYT Albany

Sheridan only the first of many changes for Big Blue

We'll see a few more coaching changes on D, and special teams, but I don't anticipate any on offense. Gilbride knows Eli too well, but he does have to do a much better job getting the most out of the weapons he has, like Boss. Fewell will have to find a D-line coach, and I'm sure the LB coach is done too. Secondary's safe, for now. One decision factor will be whether the Giants will stick with the 4-3 in 2010. If they do, then position coaches must have experience. I don't think they will.  (Jan 16, 2010 | post #5)

New York Giants

Eagletarian: Eagles-Giants II: What We're Watching

The Eagles have had the Giants number since Plax shot himself. I don't see that changing this week. The Eagles put too much speed on the field for the secondary to deal with, and this Giants secondary can't seem to keep anyone under three TDs. For the Giants to win, Eli and his receivers will have to have a break out day, and the slightly adjusted Giants D will have to do stop the run as they did with Dallas last week. That's a tall order for this Giants team. Could happen... anything's possible. Not likely. Eagles dominate and Giants hopes for a wild card continue to fade.  (Dec 11, 2009 | post #1)

New York Giants

Dallas Cowboys lose to New York Giants, 31-24

...and here they come! It's December, and that means it's time for the Dallas Cowchokers! The division's up for grabs now, as the chokers don't exactly have a pushover schedule the rest of the way. Sheridan fixed the D line and LBs, now it's the secondary that needs more fine tuning. What's Jerry gonna do... all that money... that big Circus Circus stadium... all those Pro Bowl players... still can't play in December.  (Dec 7, 2009 | post #3)

New York Giants

No boo birds

Sadly, I can't disagree with their view of the Giants prospects for making the playoffs. Sheridan and his Defense have been an unexpected and unexplainable disaster. They can't stop anyone anymore. Not the pass, and not the run. Offenses go max protect, negating the rush, and the secondary can't stop two receivers. If the Offense was clicking then it would be a simple shootout. But the O-line is just going through the motions like they've had enough and just want to go fishing. So the running game has gone away, and therefore Eli's play action pass isn't threatening anyone. They won't beat Dallas or the Eagles or the Vikings. That's 8 losses... turn out the lights Tom... see ya in 2010... but don't come back with Sheridan or Gilbride, please.  (Dec 3, 2009 | post #1)

New York Giants

Giants' injury list shrinking

...and then AP is gone, maybe for the season. Chase will do a descent job in there for him, but Sheridan has to get Goff some more playing time at MLB. All it takes is one special teams or defensive play and Goff's carrying the whole load. Clark-Sintim, Blackburn-Goff. Share the wealth, before there's no opportunity to share as you enter into the playoffs.  (Nov 21, 2009 | post #1)

New York Giants

NY Giants vs. Atanta Falcons: Five Keys Moves to Beating ...

Gilbride and Eli have to come to grips with the need to get their running game back up to where it needs to be this week. Get the play calling back in balance. Gilbride comes from the old air-it-out mentality, and I think Eli watches his brother dominate without a running game too much for his own good. Bradshaw's playing with a fractured foot, and Danny Ware might not yet have all the strength back in that arm after dislocating his elbow. But there's nothing wrong with Jacobs, Snee, and that solid O-line that just loves to run the ball. So pull the "just sling it" back a bit, learn from what the Panthers did last week, and get Jacobs, Ware and Bradshaw going early. Move the chains with the very good Steve Smith when needed, and look for Manningham and Nicks when the Falcons have gone heavy box. 6-4 keeps the Giants in the thick of the playoffs hunt.  (Nov 21, 2009 | post #1)

Encinitas, CA

Health Care - Encinitas, CA

Unaffordable. Bad for the economic recovery. Bad for small and large businesses, regardless of what the Demo spin doctors conjure up for the talking heads shows. Government should provide a safety net for the unfortunate, but not for the whole country.  (Nov 17, 2009 | post #8)

New York Giants

NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin concedes questionable play-c...

Eli had a lot to do with the calls on that last drive. He could have taken a shot into the end zone, but decided to keep it on the ground to not stop the clock with an incompletion. The Chargers weren't giving up a pass with that formation, so Eli took what they gave him. He used up the clock, forced the Chargers to use two time outs, and relied on the defense to keep em out of the end zone. It was the smart play. The defense could do it. They just didn't. That's how it bounces sometimes. The play that actually set up the TD was the pass to Sproles covered by Boley, who was just a little late committing to the pass coverage. The same armchair observers who criticize Eli, Gilbride and TC for taking the high percentage plays are criticizing B-Check for taking the shot on 4th and 2 with a short field, giving Payton the opportunity to win, which he did. Rolling the dice against the odds isn't playing brave, or playing to win... over time it's playing to miss the playoffs.  (Nov 17, 2009 | post #2)

New York Giants

Giants can kiss playoffs goodbye

Not after yesterday... Cowboys and Eagles get beat by the Packers (who lost to Tampa last week) and Chargers (who the Giants played a lot tougher last week), respectively. Tied for second a division (albeit the tie breaker has them in 3rd... with the Eagles to play again) like this is not exactly out of the playoffs.  (Nov 16, 2009 | post #1)

New York Giants

Heavyweights too much for free fallin' G-Men

Cofield's dead on... sometimes you just have to do things differently. Different players, different calls, etc. This defense is just not the right 11 guys on the field. The missing pass rush is exposing the secondary, and the uninspiring play by the linebackers makes the line think they've got to stop the run at the line or it's a long open field run. No squad on defense trusts the other two squads today... each thinks the other two aren't doing their job so they have to compensate. What scares me is I don't know if Sheridan has the experience or confidence to make the right changes. He may be buying into the "everybody just has to get it done" aka hope is a strategy mindset. Look... Sheridan is done if this defense doesn't turn around, so he might as well do something if he's gonna go down anyway. Get Clint Sintim in there at SAM and send him, alternate Kehl at WILL with Boley until he's ready to go a whole game, and spell Pierce with Goff more often. Get Canty, Osi, Kiwi and Tuck on the line when you need to get after the QB, or Robbins and Cofield on obvious running plays at DT. The Chargers O-line is playing backups in the middle, so overwhelm them and keep Boley on LT out of the backfield. Get aggressive! And for heaven's sake, somebody step up into Strahan's "stomp you out!" leadership role and fire this defense up! Where's the passion? Where is the fire? What the heck's the worse that can happen Sheridan... you lose the game by doing something different than sticking what has earned you 3 straight losses already? What if the Chargers lay yet another 40 burger on you after you decide to keep doing what hasn't worked so far, hoping something magical happens, and you lose 4 in a row?  (Nov 4, 2009 | post #1)

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