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Sep 21, 2010

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“STOP persian RACISM”

http://bugun.blogs post-66/ “STOP persian RACISM” Tractor sazi FC made Azerbaijanis happy in the 65th Anniversary of the formation of national government in south Azerbaijan Tractor Football Club (Persian: ت&#1 585;ا ك&#1 578;و ر, Azerbaijani: ت&#1 585;ا خ&#1 578;و ر) is an Iranian football club based in Tabriz. Red wolves play in Iran's Pro League. This week, hundreds of thousands of fans go to stadium to watch their favorite team play tractorFC with PersepolisFC in 18th week of Iran’s pro league and in presence 80000 fans of traxtur that finished with victory of tractor-saziFC (1-0). One of their slogans in stadiums, which emphasise necessity of implementation of fifteenth article of Iran's constitution, is call for education of mother language (Türk dilində mədr& #601;sə-- olmlıd ır hər kəs&# 601;) and another slogan relating to environmental disaster of Urmiyeh (Urmu) lake ask for saving of this lake from drying out."g&#6 01;lin gedax ağl&# 305;yax—urmu gölün doldurax" that means : Let's go and cry--- fill lake up with our tears. Other slogans, for example, "viva the Azerbaijan" (Yaşas ın azərbayca n), "long live Azerbaijan -- shame on enemies of Azerbaijan" (azərbayc an var olsun--ist&#60 1;miyən kör olsun) and "Azerbaijan is our land—tractor is our red wolf"(Az& #601;rbaycan yurdumuz—tiraxtur boz qurdumuz) which have national meaning for Azerbaijani Turks. They had several placards with these topics: “Stop Persian racism”, “Turkish school for everyone” and” Blessed December 12, anniversary of formation of Azerbaijan (south) national government”.  (Dec 11, 2010 | post #1)

NATO Summit Approves Declaration Denounced By Armenia

Armenians like their ancestors are nothing but dolls of Russian and Iran. we know them with their Traitorous characteristics. Armenians should look themselves that they are surrounded by Turks in south, west and east. as an south Azerbaijani Turk from iran I can see that even masters of Armenians,I mean iran and russia, are leaving this poppet or maybe political Trollop. karabakh is our land and Armenians(not native armenians)are our guest.  (Dec 1, 2010 | post #17)

Why does an Islamic Iran support an occupying Christian c...

Why does an Islamic country (Iran) support an occupying Christian country (Armenia)?  (Dec 1, 2010 | post #2)

Why does an Islamic Iran support an occupying Christian c...

http://bugun.blogs post-51/ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad president of Islamic republic of Iran have had an official journey relating to Caspian Sea in Baku in Religious holiday of Muslims, ghorban he called Azerbaijan a “brotherly” neighbor but was careful not to publicly take sides in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict after talks with his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev in Baku late on Wednesday. He added that: “We will stand by Azerbaijan in all international organizations and in the international arena,” Ahmadinejad said, according to news reports from Baku. “We are two brotherly states. This brotherhood will continue, it will gradually strengthen and deepen." After Azerbaijan gained independence, Armenia with help of Russian and Iran occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory and Karabakh. Meanwhile, the Islamic government of Iran continued publicly to support the Armenia. By August 1993 Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh, with reinforcements from Armenia, gained control of the enclave as well as some 20 percent of adjacent territory in western Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis fled the Armenian-controlle d territory to other parts of Azerbaijan, resulting in 1,000,000 refugees in the country. By early 1994 an estimated 25,000 people had been killed and 25,000 wounded since the conflict began in 1988. The massive relocation of population had produced an estimated 1 million refugees and displaced Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan alone. As a citizen of Iran from Tabriz city, I want to know that what the difference between Palestine and Azerbaijan is that Iran support Palestine (Muslim country) and Armenia (as occupying country) simultaneously. Why do Turkey's nation and government as true brother close its border with occupying country, Armenia, but claimants of supporting of Muslims are second economical partner of Armenia? Why were claimants of brotherhood silent when Armenians used Azerbaijani mosques as pig stables? Who does believe your claim of supporting of Muslims while Manouchehr Mottaki thinks this way? Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has said that Iran and Armenia are determined to enhance political, economic and cultural cooperation. Mottaki made the remarks on Wednesday at a joint press conference with his Armenian counterpart, Edward Nalbandian, in Tehran. He said that the Iran-Armenia Joint Economic Commission had met several times with their ninth sitting about to held in Tehran. Mottaki said that senior Iranian and Armenian officials regularly held consultations on bilateral, regional and international developments. “Iran has implemented several infrastructure projects in the transport and energy sectors in Armenia,” he said. He said that the two sides had an identical stance on global developments and that Tehran and Yerevan always supported one another at international organizations. The Armenian foreign minister, for his part, expressed satisfaction with his visit to Iran and agreed that the two countries had a similar stance on regional and international issues. Iran and Armenia are currently involved in implementing various development projects in the energy and transport sectors, he said. The Armenian foreign minister said that he was scheduled to meet the Iranian president and would convey to him a message from the Armenian president. Tehran and Yerevan have endorsed over 200 cooperation agreements during the last two decades and Armenia have enjoyed strong relations for nearly two decades and if supports of Iran weren’t, now Armenians couldn't dare to continue occupation of Azerbaijani territory. Finally you claimants of Islam and brotherhood have two choices. You can't be brother of Azerbaijan while you are only supporter of Armenia.  (Dec 1, 2010 | post #1)

Do you remind that poem of African child which was awarde...

Do you remind that poem of African child which was awarded in 2008? http://bugun.blogs post-30/ When I born, I black When I grow up, I black When I go in Sun, I black When I scared, I black When I sick, I black And when I die, I still black And you white fellow When you born, you pink When you grow up, you white When you go in sun, you red When you cold, you blue When you scared, you yellow When you sick, you green And when you die, you grey And you calling me colored ……………………………………………… ……………… When I born, I am Turk! When I am five-year-old, I am Turk! When I see TV, I get Persian! When I go school, I get Persian! When I read book, I get Persian! When I go to university, I get Persian! When I read newspaper, I get Persian! When I discourse, I get Persian! When I die, it is written in Persian over my grave! But when you born, you are Persian When you are five-years-old, you are Persian When you see TV, you are Persian Book, newspaper, school, university, office, …., you Persian Finally, if I want to write in my mother language; you say me: Pan-Turk, separatist…!? I spoke in my mother tongue; you said me denying my mother language! I spoke about my nation; you responded me with blood! I supported you; you got friend with foreign! I asked you a Remedy for my pain; you said me, "you should pain to treatment". I hoped you respect me; you called me donkey Turk in your national TV! I complain to your conscience; you caricatured me as Cockroach in your national newspaper! I wanted to say rightful speech; you said me," you crow like rooster". I just loved my motherland; why did you call PAN?!! .................. .................. ..… One of the 25 million Azerbaijani Turks in Iran  (Nov 15, 2010 | post #1)

Persian Carpet: Another theft of Azerbaijani Heritage and...

http://bugun.blogs post-13/ Azerbaijani art in the world are forging in the name of the Persian Carpet Introducing of Azerbaijani carpets as Persian Carpet is art theft Persian Carpet: Another theft of Azerbaijani Heritage and Art by totalitarians Many western and Oriental scholars think that Iranian people are Persian and therefore they use Persian country, Persian art, Persian history, Persian religion, Persian people, Persian culture and Persian carpet. This consideration of today's Iranian people as Persian goes back to time of Achaemenid Empire that Greece source described those Pars or pers. But today Pars or Fars is the name of one of the ethnic groups and provinces in Iran. The true beauty of carpets derives from the people who weave carpets. When we talk about the Persian or Iranian people we are not speaking of one broad ethnic group we are talking about many. While most Persians are Indo European a significant portion are Altaic/Turkic, Dravidian, and Afro-Asiatic. Currently the people of Iran speak 79 different languages and countless dialects. Iran’s population is made up of numerous ethnic groups. The largest ethnic groups of Iran include :Persians(34%), Azerbaijani Turks(34%), Kurds(7%), Arabs(4%), Baluchs(2%) , Gilakis (3%), Mazandaranis(5%) , Lurs(4%) ,Turkmens(3%) and small communities of Armenians, Assyrians, khalajs, Georgians, Pashtuns and etc. Azerbaijani Turks (Azeris) settle in northwestern Iran that is named south Azerbaijan that consists West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Zanjan, Qazvin, Hamadan Provinces and some counties in Kordestan, Gilan, Kermanshah, Qum and Markazi provinces. Since the early 1900s and with organized migration policy, more than 50 percent of Azeris have been migrating to most large cities in Iran, especially Tehran and Karaj The Azerbaijani women are skilful Rug makers using Turkish knots. In contrast to other parts of Iran the Turkish knot is used in the provinces of south Azerbaijan and Hamadan. As is shown in below, In the Turkish knot the yarn is taken twice around two adjacent warp threads and the ends are drawn out between these two threads. http://www.jacobse m In the Persian (or Sinneh) Knot, the wool thread forms a single turn about the warp thread. One end comes out over this thread and the other over the next warp thread. Major Weaving Centers in south Azerbaijan: Ardebil, Bijar, Hamadan, Qom, Shiraz (qashqaii), Tabriz, Tehran, Zanjan, Urmiya ,Ahar, Farahan, Firouzabad, Garavan, Ghotlog, Heris, Kaboudar, Ahang, Koliai Khamseh, Khoie, Makou, Malayer, Mahabad, Moghan, Mianeh, Nahavand, Qashqaie, Qazvin, Roudbar, , Sarouk, Shahsavan, Tousirkan, Tafresh, Astara, Kaleybar, Sarab, Abiyak, Bahar, Bonab, Maragheh,Qom, etc. Major Weaving Centers in north Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan): Guba, Shirvan , Baku, Ganja, Gazakh , Garabakh, Shusha , Jabrail, Lankaran In spite of this clear difference in pattern and knot type between Persian and Azerbaijani (Turkish) carpet, Iranian government and Persian trader are introducing and advertising the Azerbaijani carpet in the fake name of Persian carpet in markets. Unfortunately, nonIranian customers don’t know about this art and cultural robbery that happen in Iran. NonPersian communities are pointing to totalitarian policies of Persian domination and in addition to culture and art, other heritages of these communities for example language, history, tradition, music, dance and etc are denied.  (Nov 14, 2010 | post #1)

Southerners toward awakening and northerners toward sleeping

http://bugun.blogs post-17/ The area of present-day republic of Azerbaijan was northern part of historical Azerbaijan in about until 150 year ago. According to Balaami, one of ministers of Samanids dynasty (9th and 10th centuries) that has translated and summarized the Book of History of Tabari, the borders of Azerbaijan were reported with these state lines: "Azerbaijan is bordered on the north by Derbent, land of khazars, on the south by Hamadan". Derbent city is located in southern borders of today's Russia and Hamadan is located in today's Iran. Russian conquest of north Azerbaijan started with conquering of the Caspian coast in the early 18th century and Russia and Iran then engaged in war between 1804 and 1813 and again from 1826 to 1828. The second war with Russia in the 1820s ended disastrously for Azerbaijanis, which in 1828 Iran was forced to sign the Treaty of Turkmanchai acknowledging Russian sovereignty over the entire area north of the Aras River (territory comprising present-day Armenia and Azerbaijan). Turkmanchai treaty have caused that Azerbaijani nation was divided into two communities with deferent experiences of ideological governments in this 182 years. In today's Iran, there are millions of Azerbaijani Turks, 20- 25 million, which their beings are denied by officials and Iranian governments have deprived them of least of human rights. Main aim of this writing isn’t to discuss about discriminations and tyrannies that Iranian Azerbaijanis are suffering Iran and main part of this post is about today's situation and circumstances of north Azerbaijan. As a southern Azerbaijani, I want ask from northern Azerbaijanis that: way is the first democratic republic in the Muslim World sleeping? What are the Aliyev dynasty's plans to liberate karabakh?  (Nov 7, 2010 | post #1)

Iranian education minister: 70 percent of Iranian student...

Iranian education minister: 70 percent of Iranian students are bilingual Fars news agency: education minister said: 70 percent of students throughout country are bilingual and their mother language doesn't convert to Persian after entering to first year of school and passing one year. How can such students compete with students those educate in Tehran? Haj-babayi, education minister, states: the students those faced this decline of education, couldn’t always succeed. Just a year ago (on December 15, 2009) the Iranian minister of education, Mr. Hamidreza Haji-Babayi, revealed that 70% of Iranian students are bilingual. What this means is that Farsi/Persian is the natural mother tongue to only 30% of Iranian students. In other words, 70% of Iranian's population is non-Persian and they are forced to start their education with non-mother language. Despite this fact, the Iranian government along with the majority of Persian intellectuals, scholars and even opposition activists continue to disregard the country's rich ethnic and linguistic diversity. Iran has one of the widest varieties of ethnic groups in the world, and none of ethnic groups form the vast majority of the population but since 1925, Persian governors deny being of non-Persian peoples and they have executed many injustice plans for what they called the unifying of Iran. These plans included denying of non-Persian ethnic groups, banning of use of non-Persian languages, insulting to non-Persian cultures, changing of non-Persian geographical names to Persian, disintegrating of historical autonomous autonomy states, for example historical Azerbaijan has disintegrated to several provinces, and other assimilating plans. http://bugun.blogs post-16/  (Nov 2, 2010 | post #1)

Iran Crosses Into Iraq to Hit Bombing Suspects

riza palani(palan means donkey back pad) was discovered by Britannia from stable. his professional job was cleaning of the stable.he was nominated riza palani because his mother birth him in stable and grew in stable. but he was lucky that Britannia was looking for a poppet that his father be unknown and riza palani was the best case. he was unlitrate. Britannia brought him and again removed. this creature ceased iranians waking movement(mashruteh . this movement had restricted power of monarch in gajarian dynasty but whit help of Britannia this groomer stop iran's movment and again monarch took power in iran.  (Sep 28, 2010 | post #37)

Armenia and Azerbaijan step up hostilities at UN

way=why  (Sep 28, 2010 | post #7)

Armenia and Azerbaijan step up hostilities at UN

Armenians were/are our guests and I think that leave time of Armenians has reached.look at your self everybody is unhappy for your acts.all your neighbors turkey in west, south Azerbaijan in south, north Azerbaijan in east and Georgia in north have problems with russian's poppet(Armenia). what is the matter? Armenian people should question from themselves that way were Armenia faced with this position? which have case and problem? Armenia or neighbors? late or soon Russia and Iran will go and you stay between enemy that you betray them.  (Sep 28, 2010 | post #6)

Turkey Promises To Reconcile With Armenia Only In Case Of...

Armenia is Russia's poppet and turkey should speak with poppet's owner. until Armenia's harness(bridle) is in hands of Moscow, this position will carry on.  (Sep 28, 2010 | post #2)

Turkey the 'Common Enemy,' PKK Tells Israel

milky...I am sorry dear shero when I said that you dont know about Iran, you should accept. Iran's education minster speak about persian language and emphasize that when kids inter school face with problems related to non mother language , Persian.your interpretation from minister's mentions is mistake.again,I emphasize that minister intended to say that only 30 percent of population in Iran are persian language and rest are forced to teach Persian in addition Mather language. zends were lur and kurds couldn't constituted any rule.yet kurds live in order clan ways. I said you that the khanates of southern and northern Azerbaijan, and at times also the political units found on the territory of present-day Iran, were Turkic (i.e., Azerbaijani) states as well. For over 800 years of "common state," so-called Iran was more often ruled by dynasties of Turkic-Oghuz, than Persian, origin. To the list of such dynasties some Azerbaijani historians add not only Seljuks, but also Kara Koyunlu, Ak Koyunlu, Safavi, Afshar and Qajar. Even some Persian authors acknowledge this. For instance, Firouzeh Nahavandi argues that ever since the time of invasions in the Middle Ages, the Turkic or Turkic-speaking population enjoyed a higher social status than the Persians. When the Safavid house ruled the country in the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, Turkic was the language of the court.  (Sep 27, 2010 | post #24)