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Apr 14, 2009

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FRIENDS OF DIZZY/MICHELLE, who are a wee dizzy themselves

Thanks Eric I got off the dope a while back its been months now thank god!! anyway where the hell is DIZZY???? I pray she is ok! anywas take care keep doing what ur doing and keep posting it does help ppl get thu the day and nite! love & light BUdda  (Sep 27, 2013 | post #239)

Methadone withdrawal- mental and physical problems

YO babe its Budda thanks for the info, surgery has come a long way but when it comes to back surgery it's all pete tong in other words messed up!! Invasive surgery is not the way forward I think. BUT IF THAEY COULD DO micro surgery then mabey or Laposcpry then i would think about it as L1 to L5 are fukd ,if u know what i mean! I myself have been methadone free scine Nov 18 2010 , so it's comming up to 3 yrs YEA!!!! anyway take care and remember i live in London not too many FREE swimming pools round here,lol.... Love & Light The Budda  (Sep 27, 2013 | post #45470)

Methadone withdrawal- mental and physical problems

Hey ZEN how are you? Whats going on w/ you? Missed you guys loads.. Love & LIght...  (Sep 17, 2013 | post #45457)

Methadone withdrawal- mental and physical problems

Hey Eric Hows things anyway? You comming to jolly OLe" ENG. or were u just joking? I go for my lumbar Spine MRI in two days time, freaked out it's been 16 yrs scince I had one soooo who knows? Surgery has come a long way scince our time, I PRAY!! Thanks for you're condolences, Barry was everything to me, life is hard enough w/out ur partner and best friend dying on you, But when you're time comes and the reaper calls you have no choice. SORRY IF THIS IS OFF TOPIC) But I am surviving JUST! Living in a Hotel run by the council, but it is nice there and it's a roof over my head so I am very greatful. I gave up everything when Barry died BTW it was a Brain Absess and VERY SUDDEN! 98% of brain absesses are fatal and inoperable but it was inevetable i guess. I pray he finds PEACE in the afterlife R.I.P. The Barry Morrioson 26-11-67 - 26-11-6=2012 Love you Baby!! Miss everyone here??? is help still out there? Love & Light The Budda....  (Sep 17, 2013 | post #45456)

Methadone withdrawal- mental and physical problems

Hey Fam, It's Budda here I go for my MRI on my back in 2 days time and I am scared as I have degeneraitve illnesses , Spina Biffida, Scolosis and slipped Vertebre as well as Siatica (all spelled wrong i know) But anyeay , it's been 16 yrs scince I had a MRI on my Lumbar spine and I wonder just hopw far surgery has come as back in the day they only had 2 optiopns for me . Sick a steel shunt down my spine or fuse the spinal collum together!! NO THANKS! So I decided to lump it hardcore w/ pain meds. Has anyone had Surgery latley and if so has medicine come a long way? I know there is other options these days for trapped nerves ie Siatica , but what about invasive surgery? Is it still as bad as it used to be and remember I'm in ENG. So it's the NHS for me. What are my options? has anyone had back surgery latley? Best of luck to EVERYONE!!! Love & LIght The Budda...  (Sep 17, 2013 | post #45455)

FRIENDS OF DIZZY/MICHELLE, who are a wee dizzy themselves

Eric it's Budda good to see you still , I've got allmost 3 yrs off the Vile Methadone and Suboxone too!!! Still Keepin on > Stay in TOUCH please you know where to go- waitin to see you beautiful posts!! Love & LIght The Budda...  (Sep 14, 2013 | post #237)

Methadone withdrawal- mental and physical problems

Gald you're detoxing down but Methadone saved my life to I had 12 yrs off Heroin untill my partner died, then I went off the rails for 2 months but That was last yr and I actually had myself locked up to save my life! It is HARD NO DOUBT !! But it is possible to be FREE IF youy are READY!! Best of luck Budda...  (Sep 14, 2013 | post #45441)

Methadone withdrawal- mental and physical problems

Hello Fam, it's budda back again trying and actually winning the battle against the vile methadone! It's been 5 no 6 days off methadone today and AFTER 21 YRS on it man I'm glad to see the backkside of that,lol. it all started as a accident fri I got out of prison after 6 weeks and it jumped from 95 to 40 mls basically. BUT REMEMBER 80% of it's in ur head so of course i FLIPPED out at the chemist on sat when they said SORRY none 4 U! I was riding my bike home after that feeling totally lost(I mean 21 yrs on done and in the FOG who wouldn't.) BUt i couldnt evn get up the hill i was so ill and for the first time in 39 yrs I though I,m DEFEATED!! totally... so the days passed i use FLUSH FLUSH and no sighn of sleep and i still havent had but a few winks but I feel good. Mom the clinic closed BUMMER me thinks BUT no by this time i see that this is my final opp to get off the chit!! WE all know methadones not water solubale thats why it takes so LONG to LEACH out of ur fat moloucles where it stores up over WELL a long ASS time! BUT Guess what buprnorphine/ also known as Subutex or suboxone is WATER soluble YOU can kick it it a shorter peroid with relatively LESS discomfort I'm thinking and so I'v heard. So finally today at 3;30 pm they gave me 4mg of suboxone wich was just enough to take the Screaming fits of histera you want to go into.... I just came home from a acupressure healing oils and shkara massauge (SOORY CAN.T SPELL)POINT IS ....I feel GREAT the FOG has lifted ands how could it have ever been this easy, I mean with "Buddas Tips 4 kickin" all natural stuff I feel so clear and the whites of my eyes are white again, mind u the pupils r rather large,HAR har. But anyway Zenstorm Everybody I know it's early days 4 me but ALL i got is TIME. So im gonna let the done leach out ofmy fat and get my self some real help. I as u might know have Spina Biffida and have been told like most of us that were never comming off OPIATES!! BS I SAY!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! let us RECLAIM our broken lives as slaves to the vile stuff. Gawd knows I been hitched to a done clinic for over 2 DECADES and my life as proverbailly PASSED me BY! NO more I'm taperingf of suboxone when i'm ready (this isin't a race) and in the mean time I thought Id start living LIFE instead of FOG! I mean do b careful trying anything but screw itIt's my LIFE I WANT IT BACK!! Love you and ZenStorm How the hell r ya? Love & Light Budda.....  (Nov 22, 2011 | post #35506)

Methadone withdrawal- mental and physical problems

Hi Chris, I lost the internet and can see that several ppl have anwsered ur question crsossover 1 mg to 1ML Thats the the way it is Blue, green or pink... But here is the rest of the post I wrote you, Sorry it was so late... for one or A 30mg/ML cup to measure. As for the financial Detox You can get it slowed down sometimes if you appeal it, But I know that in most cases this is NOT worth it!! Switching from a percocet addiction to methadone at 100 mg/ML is a EXTREME measure at any account. You see it all depends on how long u have been on methadone and if you have A large fat content. Unlike percocet methadone is NOT water solouble it stores in the fatr molocules of the body. SO it takes LONG ASS time to kick coimpleteley!! JUst know that if you have A STRONG mental mindframe this can take u a LONG WAY!! There are simple things you can do to allievate W/D symptoms. Such as Magnesium 200-400MG 3X a day for the lethargy POtassium 300-500mg 3 X a day for leg cramps Vit C 1500 mg a wack Energy drinks with ALL THE SUGAR and VITS Cholate (opiate receptors react to cholate the same way dope does as does Sugar, hence it makes u feel better for a while) WATER FLUsh Flush Flush to hurry up the fat retention detox, Plus its good 4 you, u tend to dehydrate whilst kicking HOT SHOWERS (you cant get enough of them, FORCE urself into SHOWER if you have too) Exercize (I know u wont want to leave ur bed but exercize creates endorphins wqich in turn make u feel better and replace the lack of endorphins u lost while on methadone) Start by walking round Block once then bulid up from there it HELPS SO SO MUCH MUsic~ I found that music HEALS so much, listen to Happy stuff and dont fall into the pit of wanting to use again, JUST to feel better ... Bannas, Fruit and carbs, oh yeah NO rED MEAT for 6 weeks as its fatty and makes u feel worse the next day. Thiers other stuff I'm forgetting but you will feel like shite but iot passes. Make each day a goal to get thu, You probally wont sleep much sO KEEP POSTING!! I have found that a POSITIVE MENTAL MINDFRAME WORKS BETTER THAN ANYTHING!! Also go to ur Doctor and mabey get some clonidine it's a Blood Pressure med But it will make you feel lethargic but it WORKS!! Esspically detoxing that FAST!! Hope EVERTHING works out for you, Simple meditation was all i got after jumping of 80 mg cold to NOTHING. For 16 days I stayed AWAY FROM BEDROOM watched movies, listened to MUSIC and POsted !! Best of luck, May the Light carry u forward... Love & Light the budda...  (May 4, 2011 | post #32381)

"the medical arena"

Bob its Erin from The Trexan Program it was by accident that I saw ur POST SO GLAD TO SEE UR STILL HELPING PPL. AS you know I have Spina Biffida and that allways caused problems in the trexan reigon tho i didnt know it then i was masking pain. PLEASE PLEASE GIT You remember me & Michelle ur FAV trexan patients,lol. I hav e been clean off heroin for 12 yrs now with 4 slips a few I nmo longer take any morphine patches or fentanol or oramorph all of wich i was addicted to PLUS 95mg of methadone !!yrs back NOw I'm only on 45mg and HAPPY and pretty much free from all the crap that goes with it. Michelles been clean for 15 yrs now with NOTHING as she has nmo pasin issues! WOW SO GFOOD TO SEE YOU pleaese GIT [email protected] uk LOve you BOb u did SOOO much 4 me and my friends..... Peace Erin Stover-Blogg AKA the Budda....  (May 3, 2011 | post #117)

Methadone withdrawal- mental and physical problems

I totally AGREE with you allot of posts go unoticed as for the cloinidine I have LOADS off personal experience with it but Don't know ur story I have been thu over 23 inpsatient rehabs and 16 detoxes 5 of wicxh were 5 day RAPID detox... So... I know About Clonidine personally I prefer magnesium it stops the lethargy that Cloiunidine creates But Clonidine is 4 high BP and when u get sick ur BP goes up So Be careful!! Make plan w/ ur doctor and be VIGILIANT about ur program!! WHATEVER that may be!! I see allot of Pointless Slubrious Piffile going on but INBETWEEN the lines and the music there is HELP!! Trust me I been comming here scince 09 and it helped me IMMEASURABALLY tho I'm being ignored now... lol Got to laugh. Seen allot of scit here ppl driven away by GUILT because they feell back to the methadone, It's sad really. I think Sometimes ppl read what they want to hear , me I speak truth! So u can e-mail me at my profile [email protected] uk Good THOUGHTS GO W/ u and may light bless you and keep you going... Love & Light The Budda...  (May 3, 2011 | post #32366)

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