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Sep 1, 2010

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Little-River, SC

james fichtner

anyone know this guy?  (Jan 15, 2013 | post #1)

Bucyrus, OH

911 Call

omg that made me laugh my ass off lol  (Sep 2, 2010 | post #3)

Bucyrus, OH

Michelle Grasley Herion Dealer!!

this town is starting to make me sick.i cant even drive to the store without seeing a crack head or heroin addict.........sometimes i just wanna get out of my car and beat there ass for destroying bucyrus  (Sep 2, 2010 | post #3)

Vanceburg, KY


i love how every drug user/abuser is so worried about a snitch.........think of it like this,if you werent an addict or dealer u wouldnt have to worry about it.......god i really cant stand a wannabe gangster/dealer/addict,clean ur asses up and quit being worried about snitches........if u pieces of shit werent here there wouldnt be a such thing as a snitch  (Sep 2, 2010 | post #8)

Vanceburg, KY

Shannon Shope outa jail again

shannon was a very good friend of mine years back,i moved to new york for about a year and we never really talked again.if anyone could help me find a way to get ahold of her now a days it would be much appreciated,or even give me a little info on how she is doin......  (Sep 2, 2010 | post #16)