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Dec 16, 2009

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Buckeyes backups might be out for bowl | BuckeyeXtra

Cmon MAN! Many of these guys especially @ some lesser programs can't even speak well enough to be understood much less think cognitively after 12 years of 'public schooling' & 4 more of 'college'. No matter the grade. What matters is the program and its ability/willingnes s to pass kids regardless of their knowlege. Should the 'system' pass an athlete because he is just too inherently stupid to ever pass? Or it just that they think Johnny 'can't fail at athletics so lets 'let him off on this testing'? I'm glad to see someone with Duron's (isn't that a paint Chris?)surname being forced to keep up. He'll be better off for it.  (Dec 16, 2009 | post #30)


TCU to face Boise State in Fiesta Bowl, but No. 1 still t...

Damn skivvy that's their aim! Buncha pus_ies! I'd have LOVED to see blue & orange v's blue & orange! & I'd bet The Frogs would wup either one of the teams in the NC Game! I love Petersons coaching & would love to see him coaching my Buckeyes.  (Dec 16, 2009 | post #3)


10 OSU juniors consider pro jump

Also, I don't know about y'all, but I get sick of seeing many of these idiots dissing the college programs that did so much to put them where they are. They introduce themselves on Natl TV as from X-High school or "The school of (their own name)" Imagine how that makes their team mates feel. I'd be pissed! Like what? you don't want to talk about playin on MY team?? I believe the NFL ought to do SOMETHING about that. No, they're too busy worrying about fining x-player for wearing the wrong socks, or Peyton Manning for wearing BLACK SHOES to honor Johnny U! Cmon MAN!  (Dec 16, 2009 | post #11)


10 OSU juniors consider pro jump

Not only do many of them leave early, & there ARE a few good reasons but often times this does more harm than good because the NFL as a whole is getting to be more & more demanding, and these kids aren't fully developed upstairs yet... With Beanie takin the load off this year I think we'd have been in another NC game. I'm just sayin.  (Dec 16, 2009 | post #10)