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Feb 28, 2010

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Port Arthur, TX

Gangster Disciple busted in Conroe

Hwy 59 pipeline excursion...  (Jul 17, 2010 | post #3)

Ponca City, OK

why do people lie

want justice...Thank you very much....the best thing about getting old is putting into action all the stuff we should have taken seriously when we were younger!!!:)  (Jun 29, 2010 | post #10)

Ponca City, OK

Tulsa Traffic Stop Nets 28 Suspected Warrants

ROTFLOL!!! Yah !!! They could have been stopped on HWY 59 outa Houston doin 95 like always !!!  (Jun 17, 2010 | post #74)

Ponca City, OK

Cookshack to be Featured on the Food Network

Hey !!! we made a serious effort to watch this show, and found nothing on the Cookshack show on air... what happened??? We wanted to see a small part of Ponca City !!!  (Jun 17, 2010 | post #1)

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Westboro Baptist Church Plans Pickets Throughout West Vir...

SD357Sig...Please don't lump me in that group of fruit cakes, just because they "say" they're religious doesn't mean they are.Those things they do by going around in that bus, or however they travel, IS NOT what Jesus teaches in the Bible. There are ways to make a point. This group of people are succeeding at is flaming the torch of hate and deceit: and we Christians know the one in charge of that...well it's not Jesus!!! Veterans across the US are banning together to attend as many funerals and functions where these people might arive, and litterally blocking thier entry with the permission of attending family members. When we hear of the next location they choose " We the people" should ban together and do all we can to stop them from spreading hate where ever they go.  (Apr 14, 2010 | post #543)

Top Stories

Westboro Baptist Church Plans Pickets Throughout West Vir...

been there done that, and that my friend IS a scarry thought...if they only knew !!!  (Apr 14, 2010 | post #539)

Ponca City, OK

Review: Central Baptist Church

Thank all of you so much for your prayers and thoughts. You have touched my heart and strengthened me !!! I had recieved a return package from my son's address, but it had no writing on the outside, made me I went to the post to confirm the address was correct, and it was...BUT...the local post man says, "The delivery post man in Ponca City has quit delivering mail to his address because there was so much mail that said "return,not at this address'. When I asked if they could do that he said yes. I sent another card, week before Easter, and as of this date, it has not been returned. His name is Brandon, and worked for a sub-contractor as a welder for Conoco-Phillips. My son also worked with a man named Shawn in Colorado City, and I met him as well...God's little acre is small. I listen to Klove (88.5 FM ) constantly, and woke up singing the tune "God can move a mountain" and that is so true. I pray for His continued strength daily, and your encouraging words have given me a renued hope that I will one day speak to my son again. My prayers are for all of you as well...  (Apr 9, 2010 | post #41)

Ponca City, OK

Review: Central Baptist Church

I find it very refreshing to know there are so many strong Christians in Ponca City...that is rare these days. As we all know the bad ones are on the way, and today is Easter Sunday. I haven't heard from my son for three years...he lives in Ponca city. He won't speak to me, and I'm sure as a mom, it's something I said or did that pushed him so far away.I will not give up trying to reach him, pray daily for him, or completley trust that God and His angels are watching over him. I pray that God will put Christians in his path, and speak so loudly to his heart about forgiving me, that the sound of a thousand voices will seem as silence. He asked God into his life at Christian Camp,at the age of seven, and like so many of our children, walked a different path than the narrow road others choose to follow. You don't know what my son's name is, but God does, and if you would please join me in prayer,that God's will take place in his life, that will be an answered prayer for me. Thank You so much.  (Apr 4, 2010 | post #36)

Trinity, TX

should texas also legalize canibis? why or why not?

Well, since I'm from California, and I know that the canabis vote is going to be on the ballot in this next election, I'm voting make it legal. ..for several reasons... 1. I'volunteer at an assisted living home, where several non-recovering cancer patients use it just so they can eat. 2. It's clearly obvious that people will smoke pot if they want to. 3. If you must tax the purchase, you have to legalize the sales first. 4. Getting it out of the police evidence storage would leave plenty of room for the extra heroin they will eventually find. 5. And least of all...marijuana was created by God, and like everything (including over-eating, and drinking)we must be learn to control our overindulgences... by everyone.  (Mar 31, 2010 | post #13)

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Global warming: Did Al Gore make a fool of himself?

Not so much the fool, but global warming, air polution, smog, and over crowding cities, and abortion rights was the rage of discussion in the 60's. Everything he published was pre-written and spoken of a long time ago...he just took the credit.  (Feb 28, 2010 | post #3)

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