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May 9, 2014

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Stupid is as liberal does!!


Hooten Holler Arkansas


Local VFW

Local Favorites:

Anywhere Patriotic God fearing Americans congregate.

I Belong To:

The local VFW, Hooten Hollar Baptist Church, Shoot and scoot gun club and golf course.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm supporting our wound warriors,retired police officers and other American heroes! SALUTE!!

Read My Forum Posts Because:

It will just eat them yellar bellied liberals up!!

I'm Listening To:

Elvis Presley gospel

Read This Book:

The Patriot's Almanac

Favorite Things:

My children, My Church, My country, My Military buddies, My rocknroll & beer!

On My Mind:

The price paid for our freedom over the last 238 years being wasted, ignored ,and disrespected by the Liberal morons in this fine country.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

don't reckon I got such

I Believe In:

God, Family , Country, Equality, Tolerance, Freedom...and my right to protect,defend and preserve it.