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Jun 3, 2012

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Soldiers are not Heros!!!!!!

Wow... Thank you to everyone who is defending my fighting, wounded and fallen brothers and sisters. Thank you for standing up for all of my brother and sisters of wars and conflicts both past and present. You are all heroes to all of the military. I was discharged from the military in 2007 after i became dissabled. 10 years of service and i was trying to enlist in SWCC (like PT Boats in Nam) before i lost use of my leg for reasons i will not get into. I have been called a Hero more times than i can remember and have and have declined the comment every time. When police and firefighters call me a hero i always send it back to them since they are heroes in my eyes. They keept my family safe whail i was deployed. When Nam vets thank me for my service i stop them and tell them thank you since their welcome home was disgusting and anyone who spat on or harassed them should be ashamed. I am not a hero and i do not think i did anything extraordinary, however people are entitled to their opinions even the "ignorant " opinions. I say ignorant because anyone who discredits my fellow service members will not know who we are or what we stand up for unless they taste it for them selves. In the military the pay sucks the orders are retarded in some cases but who else can HONESTLY say their friends WILL take a bullet for them or dive on a live gernade or even run into enemy fire to avenge their fallen battle buddies. I do not always agree with politics or the wars we fight but i vote for people to make these decisions since they are more informed on these decisions than i. I decided to enlist not for college (no degree at all) but because i wanted to do some form of public service and the military was the most selfless and patriotic choice in my eyes. Honestly! Lastly, if "IT" ever hits the fan in the US or your home town and my brothers and sisters come to save you (Jordan and supporters) just remember what you say and beleive and tell your rescuers to go away and you don't want their help because you dissagree with their reasons for joining and they are only saving you and your family so they can get a "handout ". Hoo Rah!!!  (Jun 3, 2012 | post #354)