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Jun 27, 2013

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The Conversation While governments ad nations are deadlocked in negotiations to reduce carbon emissions and prevent catastrophic warming, some cities are quietly turning over to renewable energy. Sydney was the first Australian city to claim carbon neutrality in 2008, using offsets and Green Power. It aims to source all its energy from renewable sources by 2030. So, when it comes to cutting carbon, are cities the place to start? There have been calls for Australian local government to promote low-carbon cities, especially since global levels of CO2 passed 400 ppm. There are good reasons for aiming carbon-reduction at cities and local government. Local government can deal directly with households and small businesses in ways the state and federal government can¬ít. Local government has also proved to be an important source of program innovation. http://crwncptlmng 013/07/scam-watch- solutions-we-can-l earn-from.html  (Jul 8, 2013 | post #1)