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Jul 5, 2010

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Durant, OK

Crooked Attorneys & prosecutors, & judges

I've watched as one individual break a protective order numerous times (officially charged twice), abusive to his ex-wife, stalked her, made threats several times a day (recorded on voice mail) everyday, destroying her property, received his second DUI all this in a few months window. Did not spend one day in jail. In fact when he was assigned to D.O.C. for his P.O. Judge Cambell reduced that down the next day so he was assigned to D.A.s office under "terms and agreements previously ordered". Inquired to what the "Terms" were, as explained he was told not to break anymore laws nor did he actually have to report to anyone. Other than the fines, he received nothing. By the way he went nearly six months before paying his fines. Somehow all three separate charges fines were then consolidated and reduced total amount due and how much he has to pay monthly by Judge Cambell and the D.A.s office. To this day (four years) he is still making harassing calls daily to his ex wife. She can't get justice in his county thanks to Judge Cambell and the D.A.s office. This is a bad Lifetime movie unfolding here in in our county and someone will be held accountable if something does happen to her.  (Jul 5, 2010 | post #4)