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Dec 20, 2012

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how do you know if a guy genuinely likes you or just want...

okay so I went on this trip to jamaica recently and I met this hot ass guy who favored Vin Diesel he was from D.C and he came over to me and my mom and started talking to me. my mom told me as soon as he saw me he gave me the " you are fine look".lol. he talked to me most of the time and was telling me about how he was waiting to get accepted to UC berkely and how he loved children.but the way he looked at me when he said he loved kids was like " yeah i love kids u want to have some". then these girls come over who he was talkign to earlier that day and were sayin what's up he didnt even turn around to acknowledge them he told them he would get at them later and kept on the convo with me. he was even giving me the strong looks at times like they were kidna lustful but they weren't.then his friend was really drunk and wanted to go upstairs and he was going to go with him but he threw his hand up tellign him he could go and sat back down.his friend leaves and i look over at him and he's in deep thought.two minutes later he says he's going to go up to.Im just wondering did he even like me or was he just talkign to me because he wanted to get some???  (Dec 20, 2012 | post #1)

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