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Aug 19, 2013


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us light skinned redbones look way better than them dark ...

Bitch I get more dates than u ever will in ya whole lifetime my fine caramel skin attracts any man I want bitch so sit ya scrawny lightskin bullshyt plastic ass wanna be black girl ass down u a basic hoe nd u mad cause no man tryna date ur wack ass but hey not my fault dark/ brown girls betta than light one we got better everything's B! Nd umm by the way get a tan u stupid bitch so get a tan maybe it will attract some men for u  (Aug 25, 2013 | post #342)


If Light Skin Black Women are better looking

Bitch now we all no that dark is better the darker the berry the sweeter the juice y'all light skin white women ain't got a body like a black chick y'all red/yellow bones is all wannabe's but y'all is just basic bitches that think y'all better than y'all ain't got shit to offer a man but sex nd just cause u got fair skin don't mean shit but u know. What most dark skin men want a sexy dark chocolate women that is fine like wine like me I got real hair that is long and I neer had no weave nd chemicals in my head NEVER DID I EVER I HAVE A WEAVE my hair is down to the center of my back long nd healthy nd straight nd silky just like y'all redbones nd my hair is natural I have brownish golden eyes nd I have a body that is outta this world sexy nd a body that y'all red/yellow bones can never achieve I got something all guys want y'all redbones are mistresses/ hoe us black girls are keepers So y'all light skin women can suck dick that's the only thing y'all good at doing  (Aug 19, 2013 | post #146)