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Jan 5, 2009

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Verona, WI

Lost Dog---$500 REWARD....White Am. Eskimo Fletcher...Dai...

PLEASE HELP DAWN & SCOTT FIND THEIR DOG. SOMEONE MUST HAVE SEEN THIS DOG! ANY INFORMATION AT ALL PLEASE CALL. SEE Craigslist ad for picture. http://madison.cra 0378092.html Last seen on January 1st North of 18/151 near Dairy Ridge Road outside of Verona. PLEASE EVERYONE THAT LIVE NEAR VERONA & MADISON CHECK YOUR OUTSIDE BUILDING AND FORWARD THIS LISTING TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. IF YOU SEE HIM PLEASE CALL THE Dane County Humane Society. They were out of town, our dog was in the care of a friend but unfortunately a man (we don't even know) let our dog out on New Years Eve and never bothered to let him back in on that freezing cold night. (at least that's his story) Scott & Dawn are devastated, They've had him since he was a puppy. He is 10 years old, wearing a red collar. We don't know how he will respond to a stranger in this situation... he has to be freezing, tired and hungry. He will likely respond to a female better than a man. He may be heading to our home in Madison (PD/Maple Grove area) AGAIN IF YOU SEE HIM Please call DANE COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY Thank you SO much for your help  (Jan 5, 2009 | post #1)

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