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Aug 22, 2012

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Lithium Bi/Polar Class Action Lawsuit

My interest in Glutathione has changed my life and health dramatically. I am now in the slow process of reducing my Lithium after 33 years. I found a natural supplement that raises my glutathione in my brain cells. There are 190,000 peer reviewed articles on where Doctors and Scientists get their information. Bipolar, depression and schizophrenia disease are depleted in glutathione. Inflamation of the cells is disease. To help detoxify my brain cells I decided to raise my glutathione levels in many ways... Proper diet and exercise is good but I also increase my levels daily with a supplement called Maxgxl. With no side effects I have worked with my Doctor to get off my medications slowly. I pay attention to the blood work and I work with my Psychiatrist to slowly reduce my lithium medication. Glutathione depletes in our cells as we age and after 10 car accidents with whiplash and concussions my brain cells needed the extra glutathione to clean out the toxins. The best way to get answers is to research glutathione and any health issue. The body can reproduce and recycle it's own glutathione with the supplement. Lithium is ALSO depleting my glutathione and it is scary to think of the damages it could have done after I was prescribed Vioxx for inflamation. That is what I understand glutathione does for the cell. It works to decrease the inflamation that is caused by disease. The body knows what to do with the increased glutathione I've produced and my sleep is deeper and I wake up easier. I don't have the brain fog and my mood is better. There were so many changes I stopped counting but my weigh has stayed the same in three and 1/2 years on the supplement. I haven't dieted and I have gone down 2 dress sizes. My depression is gone and after 2 more whiplash accidents my mania seems to be also gone. If I have any symptoms like anxiety I can take more of the supplement without side effects. It's a way healthier life for me. You need to research it to believe it. Dr. Robert Keller/Dr. Herbert Nagasawa are the Scientists to research. Hospitals use N acetyl cysteine in the ER to save your LIVER if you overdose on Tylenol. Tylenol also depletes Glutathione. NAC raises the glutathione which can save the liver. I researched this for my kids sake and my parents. The supplement has had a big effect on all of our lives. Getting healthy made me realize I was in a toxic marriage which also depletes glutathione. I am living healthier and happier and I can use the supplement to deal with my healh everyday. It's worth finding out about......  (Aug 29, 2012 | post #182)

class action suit

Is it possible to find a class action in Canada. I've been on lithium 33 years and it depletes glutathione in the brain cells. Depletion of GSH is WHY we have inflamation in the brain cells in the FIRST PLACE.....which is disease.....IS the LITHIUM causing the brain cells to deplete and cause the inflamation in the first place....There is Scientific fact that bipolar, depression,schziop hrenia, and brain injuries are depleted of GSH.... Science proves that GSH is depleted in our bodies as we AGE and with 190,000 peer reviewed articles in the Publication of Medical Journals is where Doctors/Scientists get their information. Isn't it time Eli Kelly the makers of Lithium should be accountable for this.......  (Aug 29, 2012 | post #9)

Lithium's effect on teeth

I was given the diagnosis of bipolar disorder at 17 after a head on accident. Three years ago I began using a supplement called Maxgxl and found wonderful changes in my sleep and mood. There were so many changes in my health my Doctor still doesn't believe it's the supplement. There are over 109,000 peer review articles about depletion of glutathione in our bodies. Ask your Doctor what they know about raising your glutathione levels naturally. I have been able to lower my medications and want to get off my lithium for good. It takes a while but you STAY on your Medications and work with your Doctor if you want to lower your medications. Get a blood test and slowly I have gotten off 4 medications. It is a blessing if you have supportive family members. Most of my birth family believe in the supplement and use it also. We deplete GLUTATHIONE the master antioxidant of our cells as we age. Lithium also depletes our glutathione levels. The cell needs Gsh to clean out and detox mercury and other free radicals from the brain. Since using the supplement I have also changed my life from a toxic relationship. The supplement helped with everything from my osteo artritis to side effects from my medications. Finally I found an answer for my tmd jaw issues and my busy brain. I now understand 100% of inflamation is disease. It's worth it to look up glutathione and any brain injury or the side effects including bipolar/depression , cancers, heart disease,macular degeneration, hearing loss etc.I just google them or go to and bring the studies to my doctor. My sleep is deeper which is when the brain is restoring itself, my energy is normal, I haven't been depressed in 3 years and after 2 more accidents I can say my mania is also gone. I use the supplement when ever I need it without side effects. It also works to slow the aging process because it's so important to our overall health. I've had 15 hospitalizations and 10 whiplash injuries and 1 concussion. All caused inflamation in my brain. The longer I use the supplement the more my symptoms are less or non existant. You do feel better within a few days or week but the best part is after 60 days when your glutathione level is raised by 300%. The body knows what to do with the raised gsh and I haven't used any prescription medications except the one I have left to deplete which is Lithium. It has to be reduced SLOWLY from my system. It is so important to share this information with those who want to use a natural supplement to make the body raise it's own glutathione. You can also eat healthier, get exercise and have faith. That all raises our GLUTATHIONE also. Do the research it's Scientifically proven and it works.  (Aug 29, 2012 | post #18)

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The Answer for Mental Wellness

There is an answer to Mental Wellness. It's in the brain cell. It's a tripeptide called GLUTATHIONE and it's the master antioxidant/anti toxin of the cell. From a SCIENCE angle it's what cleans out the TOXINS from our cell and also boosts your immunity etc. Slowly Doctors are realizing this Medical Discovery from Dr.Robert Keller and Dr. Herber Nagasawa.... What you want to do is find out how it affects your health. There are over 109,000 peer reviewed articles on GSH and growing. Vitamin C only has 45,000. We deplete GSH as we AGE but it starts to deplete more in our 20's and onward. Without GSH to clean out the toxins' everyday the cell is inflamed and dies....There are many ways to kill a cell, radiation, chemotherapy and shock therapy are but a few. There is a natural way to raise your GSH in 60 days by using the precursors to get into the cell and make it raise it's OWN GLUTATHIONE. That is how it gets into the brain cells...thru the brain barrier...I know because It's made a huge difference in my brain cells and hundreds of thousands of others lives. Sadly we still need to make more of us aware of it. Ask your Doctor what he/she knows about GlUTATHIONE or google glutathion and any medical condition....Find out what the body does when you raise your OWN glutathione. You cannot use glutathione to raise your OWN glutathione but eating right helps and exercise also raises it. Inflamation is 100% the reason we have disease. It all starts in the cell....  (Aug 29, 2012 | post #1)


Lilly to acquire Icos for $2 billion

It's interesting why so many Doctors are not aware of GLUTATHIONE in the CELLS or maybe they don't have time to research inflamation. I have used a supplement to slowly change the inflamation in my brain cells and can now say I have only one medication left to wien slowly down. The benefits of a supplement that also slow the aging process, give energy, mental clarity, focus and optimal celluar funtion for the master antioxident anti toxin of our cells, Raises the immunity and white blood cells, cleans TOXINS out of the CELLS...and on and on.....109,000 peer articles on show the SCIENCE of the body Our GSH or glutathione depletes as we age I decided to investigate. Inflamation is the reason for 100% of our diseases and I was curious about raising my glutathione levels and see what happened over time. Using a supplement that doesn't have any side effects has helped my body and brain reproduce, recycle and repair my cells. It's the deeper sleeps that helped my brain slowly HEAL itself. Changing a toxic environment also makes a difference as does prayer. But why are there so many articles the Doctors are not looking at about GLUTATHIONE. Just GOOGLE them and find out....glutathione and bipolar disease, or concussion and glutathione or whiplash and glutathione....or diabetes and goes on and on and if all mammals, plants and micro organizms have GSH it must be important.  (Aug 29, 2012 | post #30)


Lilly to acquire Icos for $2 billion

There is an answer to disease....Look up glutathione and any condition...GSH depletes as we age and the body/brain use it daily. With 109,000 peer reviewed articles in please ask your Doctors what they know about this tripeptide in the cells.... The science is available, the supplement is incredible and inflamation is disease.... After 125 years Dr. Robert Keller, Dr. Herbert Nagasawa spent 30 years finding a supplement to make the body reproduce and recycle it's OWN GSH....Need more gle it or contact me at [email protected] dog uses it to optimize everyone of her CELLS....WOW....  (Aug 22, 2012 | post #23)

Lithium Bi/Polar Class Action Lawsuit

Please search out the word glutathione and ask your Doctors what they know about it. GSH or glutathione is the Master anti oxidant/toxin of the cell and is depleted as we age. It is responsible for optimizing the cell and "cleaning "it. It is also responsible for many other things including the immune system. Your best information is on line by googling glutathione and any disease you want to learn about. Inflamation of the cell is WHY we have disease and the cell is inflammed for many reasons including free radicals and toxic substances. The cell is affected by our emotional, physical and mental issues everyday. It took 2 incredible Scientists 30 years each to discover how to make the GSH recycle and reproduce inside the cell. The precursors are natural and must be able to enter the cell. Dr. Robert Keller and Dr. Herbert Nagasawa are worth researching. They are the only Scientists with a Composition patent and 38 patents/24 patents on their products. We deplete GSH everyday and the body needs to increase it. There are a few ways including cold showers but I use a supplement with No side effects called Maxgxl. It works so well I decided to research it for over 3 years on my bipolar/depressed brain. Along with the tmj jaw issues and 10 whiplash accidents I am able to deal with the health issues and in most cases don't feel my pain. The gsh is responsible for reducing my inflamation and helps with deeper sleeps, energy, mental focus and clarity. Over 74 major medical conditions are depleted in gsh and it has changed my health dramatically. The longer I have used the product the more things I notice are changing or disappearing. I cannot say enough about a natural product that increases my bodies OWN glutathione. I am happy that I can use the supplement to deal with all my health issues and work with my doctor to get off my lithium carbonate. There is a article on lithium carbonate DEPLETING the GLUTATHIONE from the brain and the horrible side effects it is causing including dementia and parkinsonian symptoms. WE NEED TO STOP THIS FROM continuing as the PubMed articles are MEDICAL documents that PSYCHIATRISTS need to be aware of. Please contact me if you want to know anything further. I can be reached at [email protected] ....  (Aug 22, 2012 | post #181)