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Dec 26, 2009

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Congressman completes treatment after drug bust

when will he get treatment at a ex-gay christian nut house, for being gay, which is why the undercover cop was there, it had nothing to do with cocaine, he was picking up a undercover rent boy  (Dec 20, 2013 | post #1)

Broward County, FL

ADL Seeking Applications to Honor Top Florida Law Enforce...

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is delighted to announce its call for applications for the centennial edition of ADL’s 2013 Doris and Murray Felton Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards. Recognizing two essential components of the law enforcement community – the sworn officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect Americans from the threat of extremism, terrorism and hate – often our community’s first line of defense; and the prosecutors, who work tirelessly to ensure the offenders receive the punishment accorded by law – ADL’s Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards recognizes both the investigative and prosecutorial roles of law enforcement, identifying those members who are so deeply committed to their work that they have gone above and beyond expected efforts to protect the community. “ADL has ten decades of experience in fighting anti-Semitism and bigotry, and exposing domestic extremist groups,” stated Hava Holzhauer, ADL Florida Regional Director. “Today, ADL is the largest non-governmental law enforcement training organization in America, and has emerged as the most esteemed private authority on hate groups, extremism and domestic terrorism. As an important partner and ally to law enforcement agencies nationwide and here in Florida, ADL’s Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards represents and honors the best of law enforcement.” “The ADL Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards is unique not only in the State of Florida, but across the United States,” stated Michael Freeling, Chairperson, ADL Florida Law Enforcement Committee. “No other organization publicly recognizes leadership in law enforcement in the areas of hate crimes, domestic terrorism, civil rights and public-private partnerships quite like ADL.” In 2011, Capt. Rick Wierzbicki (ret.), former Commander of the BSO Hate Crimes/Anti-Bias Task Force was honored with ADL’s prestigious award, and this year, he is proud to chair the Selection Committee for the 2013 awards: “It’s a privilege to work with some of the most dedicated and accomplished law enforcement leaders within the State of Florida who are current members of the ADL Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards Committee. As Chairperson, I reached out to Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger and Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith, both of whom had the national spotlight focused on them and their respective agencies due to some trying times this last year. Like the other Committee invitees, both Sheriff Eslinger and Chief Smith accepted positions on the Committee without hesitation, which shows their strong commitment to the Award and to ADL.” Read More.... http://florida.adl .org/news/adl-seek ing-applications-t o-honor-top-florid a-law-enforcement/  (Dec 2, 2013 | post #1)

Broward County, FL

Community Health & Safety Fair

Saturday, November 9, 2013 10am - 4pm Behind “Out of the Closet” 1825 E Sunrise Blvd & 18th Ave https://www.facebo 07178077372/?ref_d ashboard_filter=ca lendar  (Nov 1, 2013 | post #1)


Warning! Ripoff Report is a Criminal Extortion SCAM! Tota... is a huge scam to ripoff others with their ripoff scam webpage read the details http://en.wikipedi Report  (Aug 6, 2013 | post #1)

Broward County, FL

Annual Florida Democrat Fundraiser 2013 Jefferson/Jackson...

Interesting, what I noticed at the event, was more youth and minorities, than ever before. just the voters you need to win elections  (Jun 17, 2013 | post #1)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Obama-Marriage - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rights are Rights. Religion folks have NO right to limit others rights based on their mis- interpretative of history and the bible .  (May 21, 2012 | post #2)


We Need A Texting And Driving Law In Florida

I am a Florida registered voter and resident of Boca Raton. I am also an expert in driver education and have been a professional race driver for many years. I was stunned to read recently, that certain Florida Legislators believe a law against Texting While Driving would be an unreasonable infringement of personal liberties to the texting drivers. I am wondering if those legislators drive on the same roads as the rest of us. Every day in this country; texting drivers crash into other vehicles and grossly infringe on those innocent drivers personal liberties; by not allowing them to drive in safety. Texting while driving has been fully researched and is known to be the leading cause of innumerable collisions and crashes on America’s roads. Texting drivers continuously run red lights they didn’t see, or rear end vehicles they didn't notice were slowing down, etc. The main reason texting drivers crash into other vehicles and pedestrians is because their eyes are completely off the road ahead as they text and drive. Eyes off the road, for sometimes up to 5 or 6 seconds, is exactly what makes texting while driving stand out as the monster of distracted driving habits. If any Florida Legislator thinks that it is ok for texting drivers to seriously injure and take away the lives of others, unchecked by sensible and reasoned laws, then they need to be out of public office. Legislators; there are laws to stop a gun owner pointing their gun out of the window of a house, closing their eyes and pulling the trigger and I am sure you are ok with that particular infringement of personal liberties, because it makes perfect, reasonable sense. Are you seriously going to tell me that driving a 3,000 to 5,000lb vehicle at any speed on our roads with your eyes effectively closed (eyes down to text) is any different than irresponsible gun use? Of course not. I would hate to think that some Legislators entrenched position on this texting while driving issue; is for any other reason than they are ill-informed. Florida needs its own version of an anti-texting law right now; that makes sense for our state. I also read from the same Legislators, that they believe enforcement of texting while driving laws would be difficult. This is mentioned in the same places I read about infringement of public liberties, which strongly suggests they believe this to be another reason to not pass any texting law. 35 other States have seen fit to pass laws to help stop this deadly driving distraction. Police departments, Sheriff’s offices and Highway Patrol’s all over the US are coming up with very unique and imaginative ways to enforce these new laws. Difficulty in enforcement should never be a reason to stop laws that certainly save lives. I have one last point to mention. I hear from many who say that if you ban texting and use of smart phones then where will it stop? Next they will ban eating in cars, changing the radio station and putting on make-up etc. The one word to understand is “frequency”. Nobody takes an hour to put on some lip stick, comb their hair, or to eat a hamburger while driving; yet smart phone use, checking emails and texting while driving, can go on for hours. There is no comparison, they are all driving distractions, but the amount of time spent on phones is enormous and research has shown that texting is currently the biggest factor in needless driving related collisions, crashes, injuries and fatalities. If any elected official continues to stop and entangle reasonable legislation on the texting while driving problem; then I hope each of you takes full responsibility for every texting driver in Florida, who will continue to text while driving, with complete immunity. It doesn’t really help to prosecute someone after the texting driver kills someone, now does it Legislators? Sincerely, concerned road user Andy Pilgrim [email protected] om  (Feb 23, 2012 | post #1)

Broward County, FL

Manors Law Threatens Small Pharmacies

Castrataro calls the law “flawed” “arbitrary” and “capricious” The City of Wilton Manors has enacted a controversial ordinance that would limit the amount of pain medications smaller neighborhood pharmacies can dispense. The new law, passed to regulate pain management clinics, may nevertheless adversely impact thousands of HIV and cancer patients in the area. Two of the pharmacies affected, The Medicine Shoppe and Quick Script, have hired prominent local attorney, George Castrataro, to overturn the ordinance. Castrataro has indicated he is prepared to go to court and seek an injunction to prevent implementation of the new law. He stated the new law will “undermine substantial rights of the specialty pharmacies and over 2,000 of their constituents.” Castrataro stated that the city “had failed to consider the implications and overreaching aspects of the ordinance.” Owner of The Medicine Shoppe, Lynn Williams, said the ordinance would certainly harm her pharmacy. “This will definitely impact us and be detrimental to my patients,” she said. “They want to control how I dispense class 2 medications.” Read More..... http://www.topix.c om/county/broward- fl/2012/02/manors- law-threatens-smal l-pharmacies  (Feb 19, 2012 | post #1)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Election Poll, Sept 2011 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Stay The Course  (Oct 1, 2011 | post #33)

Oakland Park, FL

Vote Carn

Visit m  (Dec 16, 2010 | post #1)


Gay Marriage Supporters Say 'Gay is the New Black'

The Real GOP Gay Agenda http://dolphindemn 010/09/real-gop-ga y-agenda.html  (Sep 21, 2010 | post #9763)

Broward County, FL

Herald recommends PHYLLIS C. HOPE.

Phyllis is the best choice for District 6 and the children of Broward County  (Jul 26, 2010 | post #1)


Sen. Dan Gelber Dogged by Connection to BP

When the number one issue facing the next Attorney General is the impending lawsuit on behalf of the people of Florida against BP, it is crucial information to know that one of the Attorney General candidates may be disqualified from leading the charge against BP. You don’t have to be a lawyer to see the potential conflict of interest when someone works for BP’s law firm and then turns around and sues BP as Florida Attorney General.  (Jul 15, 2010 | post #1)

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