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Jul 13, 2013

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Southfield, MI

Why were there so many black people in Royal Oak tonight?

I am a white female who is more than disgusted with all of the racist rematks on this site. Obviously TOO MANY WHITES here are racist pigs! Whatever happened to trying to eork together for the whole......for ALL?!!? The negative comments and attitudes here just fuel racism! I am literally sickened by the mean. SHALLOW, hurtful and unkind words expressed. I am almost ashamed to admit I am white; don't tou racists realize that words like yours belittle the white race??!!!!? Grow up. Wait, no: I forgot for a moment: it is impossible for any of you to do so, for you are all too busy judgeing ALL black folk, instead of looking in the mirror. Guess each of you thought someone died and made you God. Sad. Very very sad.  (Jul 13, 2013 | post #83)