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May 23, 2010

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DJ Retroactive takes over Flashback Fridays at The Muse

DJ Retroactive (formerly known as DJ Nightmare) is pleased to announce that he is the new resident DJ for Flashback Fridays, every Friday night at The Muse, 323 Columbia Street, in Lafayette. His first adventure at the decks was on Friday, June 10th. At Flashback Fridays, DJ Retroactive will spin fun tunes, mostly from the 80's, including New Wave, Pop and Rock, but also some hits from the 70's and early 90's as well. DJ Retroactive doesn't simply play one song after another, like a jukebox -- one of the highlights of Retroactive's events will be creative mixing of your favorite hits. DJ Retroactive also encourages everyone to make requests, and promises to always steer the night toward what the crowd wants to hear. The name "DJ Retroactive" is a nod to his old 80's dance night in Indianapolis, called Retroactiv, which he ran with his partner, Stephanie Williamson/DJ Daydream, from 2007 to 2009, at The Melody Inn in Indianapolis. He is also the DJ for a new monthly Goth/Industrial night at The Muse, called Discord, which will be featured on the second Thursday of the month. For these events, he goes by the moniker DJ Liberator. Flashback Fridays begins at 8 p.m. each Friday night. The Muse is located on Columbia Street/State Road 26 West, in downtown Lafayette, across from the courthouse, between Third and Fourth streets.  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #1)


The Big 80's Tribute Band Live at The Muse on July 22nd w...

We're gonna party like it's 1985! The Big 80's, Indiana's premiere 80's Tribute Band, will perform at The Muse in Lafayette on Friday, July 22nd, as part of Flashback Fridays! The Big 80's will perform two sets of the biggest and best Rock and Pop hits of the 80's! Expect unforgettable, top-notch performances of killer party tunes from the likes of Journey, Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, AC/DC, Def Leppard..., Dexy's Midnight Runners, Devo and many, many more! DJ Retroactive (formerly known as DJ Nightmare), resident DJ for Flashback Fridays, will get the party started at 8 p.m., spinning the best of the rest of the 80's! He will also DJ during the band's intermission and after the show! DJ Retroactive is a friend of the band, and has seen The Big 80's literally dozens of times in the last 11+ years! He is also known to get on stage with The Big 80's from time to time to "perform " the Devo classic "Whip It'" with the band! This should be an unforgettable, fun night! The Muse is located on Columbia Street/State Road 26 West, in downtown Lafayette, across from the courthouse between Third and Fourth streets.  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #1)

Lafayette, IN

Lafayette in Discord (Goth/Industrial Night) on June 16th!

DJ Liberator (formerly DJ Nightmare) of Indianapolis makes his debut in the lafayette Goth/Industrial scene with Lafayette in Discord, an evening featuring the absolute best Goth, Industrial & more of the 80's, 90's & beyond. $3 before 10 p.m., $5 after 10 p.m. 21+. * Goth * Industrial * Synth Pop * EBM * Darkwave * Future Pop * Aggrotech & More! The Muse is located in downtown Lafayette on Columbia Street, between 3rd & 4th streets, across from the courthouse square.  (Jun 7, 2011 | post #1)

Lafayette, IN

Harvesting Murphy with DJ Liberator at Flashback Fridays ...

DJ Liberator (formerly known as DJ Nightmare) will make his first appearance at Flashback Fridays at The Muse in Lafayette this upcoming Friday, June 10th! DJ Liberator will be spinning 70's, 80's & 90's tunes alongside Lafayette's premiere 90's Alternative Rock Tribute Band, Harvesting Murphy! Harvesting Murphy will be preforming 90's classics from Green Day, Nirvana, Radiohead, Sublime, Weezer and many more! As always, DJ Liberator encourages and LOVES to hear your requests, so come up to the booth to ask for your favorite song! Drink specials include $2 16-ounce Bud drafts, and $3 Screwdrivers & Cape Cods! 21+.  (Jun 4, 2011 | post #1)

Indianapolis, IN

project .44 with Apocalypse Theatre and DJs Nightmare and...

A Chicago-based Industrial/Metal Music group that includes members from two classic Industrial bands brings its powerhouse sound to Indianapolis for a concert at The Melody Inn on Thursday, Dec. 16. project .44 is an Industrial Music supergroup, featuring Charles Levi, bassist for My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, and former Ministry guitarist Louis Svitek, who plays on project .44's recorded material but does not tour. Rounding out the touring line-up is Chri5 Harri5-vocals, programming and guitars; MeTaL-percussion, vocals; Kenny Symptom, drums; and Joel Fate-guitar. project .44 is signed to the Chicago-based Invisible Records label, home of Pigface, Chemlab and Sheep on Drugs. project .44 has released two albums of Industrial Metal music, 1999's Look Me In The Eye and 2005's The System Doesn't Work. The band has released two videos, "Warpath " and "I". The Indianapolis stop on the "Revolution Campaign 2010/11" tour is only the second show on the tour. Opening for project .44 are Apocalypse Theatre (AKA Apox), a Minneapolis-based outfit that describes themselves as a Punk/Industrial/Go thic/Death Rock/Metal/Experim ental hybrid. project .44's tour precedes an as-yet-unreleased third album titled Thee Revolution. Lead singer Harri5 said the album's release date is pending, but anticipates a tour edition of the album will be available at the show, with at least a sampling of the songs. Harri5 said recording for the new album began in 2007 in Madison, Wis., with the band also recording in Chicago at Svitek's studio. Although it has been several years since the band's last album, he describes project .44 as "always writing," with some material having been written over the last several years, dating as far back as 2001, while other songs are more recent. Describing the new songs, Harri5 commented that project .44 has "remained true to keeping alive the sound of 'Chicago-style Industrial' from the late 80's/early 90's, all while taking modern twists to inject a sprig of freshness here and there." He explained that the last album, The System Doesn't Work, "was an explanation of what was wrong with the political and forced social systems that we have to live with. Thee Revolution adds to that with a call to action and vivisection of the elite two-titled yet mono/political system." As for what fans can expect when they come to see project .44 live, Harri5 said the show will draw songs from all three albums, and a cover song or two each night. One of the more unusual elements of project .44's stage show is the presence of MeTaL, a percussionist who bangs rhythmically on various pieces of metal -- hearkening back to the burgeoning days of Industrial Music 30 years ago, when pioneers such as Einsturzende Neubauten made use of custom-built instruments, predominantly made out of scrap metal and building tools, in addition to standard musical instruments. "Visually, it's a lot of noise, percussion and maniacs attacking everything in site," Harri5 said, adding, "We love Indianapolis and the Melody Inn. Just look above the stage -- a battle-scarred garbage can is suspended there, (which was taken) from a show we did there on a tour in 2007." In keeping with the spirit of the show, Indianapolis DJs Nightmare (Brian Harris) and Daydream (Stephanie Williamson) will spin mostly classic Industrial, Industrial-Metal/I ndustrial-Rock, EBM and other Electronic music, "along with more recent artists/songs that closely follow the path laid down by the classic artists," Harris said, adding the evening will include a healthy dose of songs and artists from Chicago's classic Wax Trax! Records label. They will DJ before the show, between acts, and after the show. The Melody Inn is located at 3826 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis. The Project .44 show is $7 at the door, and is a 21+ event. DJs Nightmare and Daydream will kick off the evening at 8 p.m.  (Nov 6, 2010 | post #1)

Indianapolis, IN

Depeche Mode/New Order/The Smiths/The Cure Tribute Night ...

On Saturday, October 30th at FarmBloomington/Th e Root Cellar in Bloomington, IN, 108 E. Kirkwood Ave., there will be a MASSIVE New Wave party on TWO floors. In the Root Cellar in the basement, DJs Jonny Yuma and Mason Williams will put on Depeche Mode vs. New Order Tribute Night, playing classics and obscurities by both bands, along with other New Wave classics, mostly from the 80's. On the top floor, in FarmBloomington, DJs Nightmare and Daydream will put on The Cure vs. The Smiths Tribute Night. DJ Nightmare will play classics by The Cure, primarily encompassing the "classic " period of 1978 to 1992, from the debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, through the mega-hit Wish, while DJ Daydream will play classics and favorite album tracks by The Smiths (plus a selection Morrissey solo classics, mostly from his early solo career between 1988 and 1994). Four legendary bands. Four passionate DJs. Two floors. One night. Depeche Mode vs. New Order Tribute Night begins at 10 p.m., while The Smiths vs. The Cure Tribute Night begins roughly at 11 p.m., perhaps a little earlier. This is a 21+ event. $4 admission. FarmBloomington/Th e Root Cellar is located on east Kirkwood Avenue (aka Fifth Street), on the south side of the street, just east of the intersection with Walnut Street, in Bloomington, IN. BE THERE!!!!!  (Oct 16, 2010 | post #1)