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Mar 15, 2007

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Suozzi orders probe into New Cassel deaths

This is completely over the top. Yes, the system should be examined to see where there were holes, but this crime is too horrific to have been foreseen. Unless you've spent years working as a child services agent and dealing with their workloads and availabe resources, you have no right to this self-rightous Monday-morning quarterbacking. Courts can't take children away from their mothers every time a father or grandparent tries to gain custody. Can there be any dispute that false accusations are made all the time in custody hearings? This father turned out to be telling the truth when he said he felt the mother was a threat to the children, but the next 9 fathers won't be. There has to be due process. Charging the cops and social workers with murder or manslaughter? Thank god we don't live in a country where people can be tried quite so arbitrarily and nonsensically.  (Feb 26, 2008 | post #140)


Parents charged in son's coverup -

I really admire the Wines family for the way they've carried themselves from the beginning of this. They've said several times that they're not out for vengeance and they don't want to live in anger - I don't know how many of us would manage to look at it that way. The Alvinos' lawyer has beat the "they turned the SUV in themselves" drum for too long. He should come up with something better. Pointing out that they turned it in only draws all the more attention to the fact that they turned it in AFTER the car in question had been narrowed down to two models, six days after the accident, and after lawyering up.  (Nov 14, 2007 | post #5)

Hartford Courant

Parents Involved In UConn Hit-And-Run Case Turn Themselve...

I am so glad that this is happening. The Alvinos were prepared to simply carry on as if nothing had happened. The only thing to teach such pathetic people is to lock them up.  (Nov 14, 2007 | post #95)


Rosie coming to Huntington's Book Revue -

She's trying to recover from the fame addiction? Does that mean she's trying to recover from being an egomaniac who thinks everyone who hasn't had their own show needs her to tell them how to think. I share Rosie's politics, but I can't stand her. I was at a cystic fibrosis fundraiser that she spoke at, and she took the opportunity to lambast Bush and the Iraq war, using four-letter words and even treating us all to a crotch-grabbing gesture. And there were kids in the audience! But those kids and the cause we were there for took a backseat.  (Oct 11, 2007 | post #22)


Oyster Bay's development slowdown would irk TR

So any objection to any development is NIMBYism? There were valid objections to all the proposals mentioned in this article. And the people heading the opposition, at least in the case of the AvalonBay and Bethpage proposals, tend to lean more to the left than to the right in their politics. I don't think there's anything so offensive about the Town Board listening to the public on these issues, rather than teamsters looking to make a buck.  (Jul 27, 2007 | post #8)


Man who killed girlfriend in DWI gets six months

The article does say that the police couldn't have access to Flynn's blood-test results, owing to a legal loophole. He didn't walk because the police were unwilling to investigate. Aside from the ridiculously small sentence, I love this story. A drunk driver and greedy lawsuit-hound shooting himself in the foot so spectacularly.  (Jul 20, 2007 | post #3)


Collin Finnerty will attend Loyola Md.

I wonder why he's not enrolling in a more highly-rated school. Loyola's good, but not on a level with Duke or Brown or the London School of Economics, which Finnerty's father was quoted in an article as saying he would attend.  (Jul 11, 2007 | post #17)


Noise complaint against Bayville family dropped

The comments from the other neighbors indicate that there really was a problem here. I'm glad that the parents aren't going to jail, but it's the neighbor who compained that I sympathize with. Too many people nowadays act as if they've done the world an enormous favor by presenting it with THEIR children, and the world should thus revolve around them. These parents seem like they might just have that same sense of entitlement. Hopefully their defiant attitude is a public front, and they will be more mindful of the problem from now on. If they are reading the news coverage, they will see that several of their neighbors support the complainant.  (Jun 21, 2007 | post #433)


Texas Crowd Kills Man After Car Hits Kid

You're right about people of any race being capable of this. I remember when that jock in Bayville was lying in the middle of the road mimicking a movie 15 years ago, the WHITE crowd started attacking the girl that hit the idiot. But this incident is horrific and disgusting. I hope they've got enough evidence to get those responsible.  (Jun 20, 2007 | post #45)


Duke coughs up cash for lacrosse players

I'm glad that there are a significant number of people who aren't making these three out to be saints. Nifong enrages me and I hope he gets everything that's coming to him. Crystal Magnum should be given a psychiatric evaluation to see if she's competent to stand trial for what she did. Even if she isn't, she shouldn't be allowed to simply walk. And I think it's pathetic that "the 88" and all those who jumped on the bandwagon in condemning these kids haven't stepped up since they were declared innocent. Feeling sympathy for these boys is fine - nobody deserves even a fraction of what they've been through. But feeling proud of them?!?!? We know from statements made to police by members of the lacross team, including Dave Evans, that they were guilty of making racial slurs and of that god-awful broomstick comment. And we know that Colin Finnerty is guilty of what might have been a gay-bashing incident and was definately an assault on someone outnumbered by him and his goon friends. I drank and went to a strip club in college. But calling someone a n **** r? Threatenting to rape a woman with a broomstick? Physically attacking a stranger walking down the street? No way. These guys are jerks. I think this case is especially disturbing to white Americans because they imagine this happening to their sons. But even while Nifong and those responsible are made to answer for it, I do think it should be acknowledged that these kids are NOT typical. And I speak as someone from a priveleged white background whose family knows the families of several Duke lacrosse players. They might become excellent young men for having been through this, but they certainly weren't before.  (Jun 19, 2007 | post #76)


SEAL's father: Survivor's book dishonors son's memory

What purpose does this book serve?  (Jun 13, 2007 | post #37)


New low for Lohan

I think Paris is pathetic and I've never had any interest in Britney, but I'm pulling for Lindsey. I don't know why most voters in the Newsday poll said Lindsey was a bigger mess than Paris. There's hope for Lindsey - she has a craft that she's good at. Her fame isn't quite the cultural indictment that Paris's is. If Lindsey gets help with the disease she clearly inherited from her father, I think she'll do well.  (May 30, 2007 | post #31)


N. Hempstead Supervisor contributions raise questions

I wouldn't go as far as "Terrible Article" did, but I agree that this isn't nearly as big of a deal as the screaming headline makes out. Newsday made a mistake giving this the cover. The questions that "TA" asked are valid; and I also think that the campaign practices of other officials should have been examined. This feels petty and incomplete. Badly handled, Newsday.  (May 24, 2007 | post #24)


Suspect in fatal crash killing prof posts bail

It's amazing that this guy got his license back six times. I agree with the person who said he should have been kept in jail. This guy has demonstrated himself to be a threat to public safety. And though this case has nothing to do with money, I can't help pointing out that a schmuck like this driving an expensive car doesn't necessarily mean he can afford it.  (May 15, 2007 | post #10)