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Oct 8, 2008

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Durant, OK

Durant Boys Charged In Car Theft

Lets see now, at 11 yrs. old, they where running from the police just hours before they stoled this car. When they police found them again, they ran away again and tried to hide....sounds like they are well on thier way to be hardened criminals...thank goodness they didnt hit a pedastrian or a small child. Im sure all they will get is a slap on the hand... and i'm sure they will be out at midnight this weekend...looking for more cars to steal. Some children cant be saved... i would go into a long story but I wont,,,,not enough time....but I will tell u about my nephew....he was 11 yrs old when he started his acts....stealing money, stealing cars for "joyrides ", breaking into school, he is now 14, he's been to 2 juvenile centers. he has is own probation officer, he has to check in just like any other criminal, been to jail...all because it started from stealing a car for a joyride!  (Dec 1, 2008 | post #14)

Durant, OK

Rentals in Durant

here is 2 local newstations in the area and the local radio station  (Nov 30, 2008 | post #9)

Durant, OK

Bars in Durant

hey i put a friends request on your myspace page..hope u dont mind.  (Nov 30, 2008 | post #8)

Durant, OK

Bars in Durant

yeah that the 9th street bar, as every1 calls it. Yeah that the rough crowd bar. There is alot of drug activity and all sorts of crazzy stuff going on there.  (Nov 30, 2008 | post #6)

Durant, OK

Rentals in Durant

If there is anything else you want to know about Durant, just let me know...I lived here for 14 years now!! I know this town like the back of my!  (Nov 29, 2008 | post #4)

Durant, OK

Choctaw Casino

seems like none of yall know the ins and outs of a casino. What the hell does construction have to do with the machines?? The machines get reset at a specific time every other day. And if their was welfare checks for the Native Americans, where the hell is mine?Sorry no food stamps here!!  (Nov 3, 2008 | post #6)

US Politics

Teen shot while stealing McCain signs

Try living in southern Oklahoma with Obama signs in your front yard! It's scary down here!  (Oct 31, 2008 | post #995)


What are you thinking right now?

I better get this cabin by the river, so my husband and I can relax... or im going to be pissed!  (Oct 31, 2008 | post #712)

Durant, OK

I'll tell you why Durant shit-hole.

just give me a name. i'll fix that problem. nobody gonna mess with my man.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #28)

Durant, OK

Durant needs

I would like to see changes in Durant, but we need more roads or turn them to 4 lanes. The roads always seem to be congested no matter where I am. A shopping center would be great. I dont care for fastfood places. Something with a variety of different foods would be good.What happened with our Golden Corral? Im glad we are getting a new library...finally! The old one is great, but there isnt enough room in the evenings, when the school kids come in. As for the new high school, this needed to be done 10 years ago, when I went there. It was overcrowded then. Why did it take so long to figure this one out? Also where have the good pediatricians gone? Two of the doctors I was using just dissappeared within the last month. I think we need a bigger and newer hospital with more qualified doctors and nurses. And dont use doctors from Dallas who have not slept in days to do a "simple procedure" and then kill someone. (I WILL NEVER FORGET U, U KILLED MY GRANDMOTHER!)(piec e of shits) then run off like a coward back to dallas. I guess i better be heading off to city council meetings to get my voice heard. Tommy Kramer is the economic development person to talk to by the way.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #14)

Durant, OK

Roger Speers

I knew a Roger Speers, who use to be teacher in Bennington, OK. and I think he does preach every now and then.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #3)

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